“Like a plantain attached to the heart”: the telegram discusses the concert “Hands Up!” on the occasion of the group's 25th anniversary. He collected 72 thousand spectators

Sergey Zhukov

A large-scale concert “Hands Up!”, timed to coincide with the celebration of the 25th group anniversary. 72 thousand people came to listen to the band's hits and remember their youth.

Soloist Sergei Zhukov previously admitted on social networks that it was his dream to assemble Luzhniki. The spectators who attended the concert unanimously assure that he approached the embodiment of this dream into reality very responsibly, arranging a real holiday for the fans.

The group performed the main hits (“Alyoshka”, “Alien Lips”, “Well, where are you, girls”), which was sung in chorus by a crowd of thousands. When the song “I'm 18 already” sounded, the stadium was filled with huge pink balloons. A fragment of the song “My Baby” was sung by hockey player Alexander Ovechkin, who suddenly appeared on the stage, after which he confessed his love to his wife Anastasia Shubskaya.

The invited guests at the concert were Klava Koka and the duo Hammali & Navai. True, they were not received so warmly — the audience was in the mood to dance to their favorite music of the 90s and zero. Zhukov also sang the song “Take the Keys” with his children.

The telegram channels have been discussing the grandiose show for the second day already.

“Luzhniki” will probably come to their senses for a month from the extravaganza, which was arranged by “Hands Up!”. <…> At the opening act, after an hour and a half of waiting, Klava sang forgive hospadi Koka. The 40+ audience almost booed the underage squeaker. They received Coca coldly, making it clear that she was not there (the spelling and punctuation of the authors are preserved. — Note ed.),

— wrote in the NeMalakhov telegram channel.

Klava Koka and Sergey ZhukovAn interesting trend has emerged in the Russian show business — the time has come for large formats, and we are talking exclusively about the return of the hits of the past. On May 29, the appearance of the singer MakSim at the Moscow Luzhniki stadium became a sensation: almost 70 thousand people sang her 2005 hit “Do You Know” — the song became the unofficial anthem of the Spartak football club. The stands sobbed with happiness, the speech became one of the most quoted on the network, and the spontaneous patriotic flash mob turned out to be not only not embarrassing, but even touching. Following on June 18, Basta's concert at Luzhniki was held with a grandiose house. And again 70 thousand spectators, old hits, tears, love, patriotism, “Samsara”, “Slow to make you cry”, full house. And today, in the Luzhniki, bursting with soldout, the concert “Hands Up!”, dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the group, where there was also an absolute gap, died down.

Today, Russian artists do not need to release new albums — according to the law of the new time, people want nostalgia and time-tested hits, because it gives a powerful sense of community and unity. Postmodernism of the new time — this is a huge crowd of 70,000 whose synergy of energies gives old hits new life. These are the same old songs about the main thing that work like plantain applied to the heart. Time trend as it is,

— Nadezhda Sagittarius wrote in her microblog.

Just while you're thinking which band is trendy right now… “Hands Up!” in Luzhniki,

— succinctly expressed in Antigloss.

Hammali & Navai and Sergey Zhukov for him and the audience. Yesterday, Luzhniki sent everyone straight to the 90s. The vibe is the same, despite the fact that there are no girls in the dance floor — short skirts, and mothers and “bald, but handsome men.” But, as Zhukov noticed from the stage, men are now not ashamed to admit that they are listening to “Hands Up!”. Not like before, when only at home they quietly cried to “Alyoshka”.

72 thousand people — this is amazing. Even the voiceless Klava Koka and the hookah rap from Hamali and Navai, who filled in the pauses, so that Serezha, who performed live, could not spoil and change clothes, could not spoil the general euphoria. Ovechkin, who suddenly appeared on the stage, showed that, in principle, it was not necessary to sing — The stadium does everything. Just listen to this… And yes, this is not a club concert for you, they don't pour at the stadium,

— wrote in the telegram channel “Only to anyone”.

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