Lilia Podkopayeva no longer hide the name of newborn daughter

The athlete also admitted how much better while pregnant

Лилия Подкопаева больше не скрывает имя новорожденной дочери

41-year-old Olympic champion in gymnastics Liliya Podkopayeva, which is September 19 in the third time became a mother, have regained the excellent form and delights toned figure and flourishing appearance. Along with the baby’s father, businessman Igor Dubinsky and two children from a previous marriage athlete living in the USA and enjoys the new status of mothers of large families. She hid for a long time the name of the newborn girl, but finally opened it, said “social life”.

Lily said that called my daughter Evelyn. She also admitted that during the pregnancy I gained 9 pounds. However, thanks to its sporty past her it was easy fast to lose and regain a slender figure. Besides, with a small child, she has to be very active.

“They were very easy to get rid of! In particular because my daughter keeps us in active mode. We have many hold her in his arms, so his hands were always sure to be in good shape,” shared Podkopayeva.

Note that now Lily, along with her lover arrived to Ukraine and has even made its first night out after giving birth. Pair of stylish dresses attending “Night of the Chimera” from channel “Ukraine”, in which took place the awarding ceremony of the program “Sravi way”.

By the way, baby Evelyn, they left US with grandparents, sister and brother. However, they left only five days, and Podkopayeva left for daughter supply of their milk, as breast feeding her.

The celebrity said that as a mother with many children she has to spin like a squirrel in a cage, but still it is great happiness. And to become a mother at this age is a real miracle.

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