Liliane Blanco-Binette: the stars well aligned

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Liliane Blanco-Binette  : the well-aligned stars

Liliane Blanco-Binette

Liliane Blanco-Binette wouldn't have believed it if it hadn't happened to her. It is thanks to a clairvoyant, who must have seen a virtual success in her crystal ball, that the Gatineau comedian became a Tiktokeuse in 2021.

Until then, the he artist from the Hull sector was not interested in this application, the popularity of which exploded during the pandemic. How it worked was too mysterious, too complicated, she told herself. But the psychic had been adamant: Make videos!, paraphrases the 25-year-old woman.

The rest proves the alignment of the stars right: Liliane Blanco-Binette has 125,000 subscribers, after almost a year on TikTok. I only have positive from TikTok, she notes. What I live is exposure, it is people who discover me. I receive a wave of love. It impresses me!

Gatineau comedian Liliane Blanco-Binette became a Tiktokeuse in 2021 and has since enjoyed great success. Camille Bourdeau met her.

This is an unprecedented public response for the comedian whose career has just begun. I don't remember, in my life, having wanted to do anything other than be a comedian, she sums up.

This dream, she got closer to it little by little, with the tools at her disposal, namely theatre, improvisation and Secondary in show, discovered when she attended the Mont-Bleu High School.

In 2017, she moved to Montreal to try her luck in the industry. The National School of Humor (ENH) ended up opening its doors to him after three attempts, including a rotten first audition, confides the main interested party. I'm very happy that I didn't come back after my first two tries, because now that I know the process, [I know that] I would never have been ready. Despite the fact that I wanted to go back so badly, and that I thought I was there, I wasn't, she puts it into perspective.

After graduating from the ENH a year and a half ago, she has had a few appearances on television. Spectators have seen her in The Next Stand-Up and From One Laugh to Another, as well as on stage, notably at Zoofest.

As for the videos on TikTok, she considers them to be separate content, tailor-made for the platform, and helping it to build a bond with the public. Because pickles are ubiquitous in his videos, now people bring me pickles to my shows. Unintentionally, I really created a monster! she says laughing.

Liliane Blanco-Binette will also be part of the next show #Stand-up, a tour of the most popular Tiktokeurs of the Belle Province which will stop in Montreal, Quebec, Brossard, Sherbrooke and Trois-Rivières in the spring of 2023. In the meantime, it will be at Minotaure de Gatineau on Wednesday November 23 for a benefit show for the benefit from the Outaouais Drug Addiction Intervention and Prevention Center (CIPTO), all tickets for which have already been sold.

With information from Camille Bourdeau

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