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Line Renaud, son long fight for the end of life

Wednesday October 11, France 2 broadcast the TV film “The Next Journey”, with Line Renaud, which tells the story of a couple who made the choice of euthanasia.

Line Renaud has never hidden her identity. his support for active help to die. Wednesday October 11, she was at the poster for the TV movie The Next Journey, by Thierry Binisti, which tells the story of a couple in their eighties – formed by by Jean Sorel and Line Renaud – having decided to to end their days together by having recourse to  euthanasia. The former magazine leader wishes to choose her end of life and has been demanding it for many years. This is what pushed him to à agree to make this film.

"I absolutely wanted to do it because it is about the end of life. When people suffer too much, we have to cut it short. Our characters have loved each other for a lifetime and want to leave together. They die hand in hand,” Line Renaud confided to Le Parisien for the release of this film, which is an adaptation of the play Les amants du Lutetia, written by Laurant Baffie. A story taken from the true story of a couple who gave each other a gift. death in the palace of the same name, at Paris, in 2013.

A way for Line Renaud to put this divisive subject back on the table. She who never hid her his opinion in favor of choosing the end of life. In an interview given to in Paris Match magazine on April 20, 2023, she had already reaffirmed his will to be able to decide on his death, even if it means "circumvent the law", in his own words. "Everything has to be joyful. I want to leave a soothing image. My friends hope that I leave without suffering,” confided the actress, who had already been in trouble. signed, last August, a forum on the end of life, calling for legalize active aid for die.

"If suffering comes, I will circumvent the law"

Line Renaud adds that she wishes to die at home, in her house in Rueil-Malmaison: "In my bed with my dog ​​Pirate at home" next to it from me… if he's still alive! I will pet him, I will ask him to come closer to me and he will come closer. I will be surrounded by all my loved ones, with whom I will talk." And if the legislation concerning the end of life is not introduced, the actress explains: "I will leave here! If suffering comes, I will circumvent the law! It's decided : without the law, I will die as a resistance fighter."

Line Renaud, however, does not intend to "withdraw [s]her reverence anytime soon" t", but is not afraid of dying, even if his joy of living is "intact" and "immense". She concludes: "Death is the companion of life, this should be taught to everyone. à school (…) I love life and it gives it back to me."

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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