Lithuania ratifies Finland's NATO membership, now the majority has already ratified – IL follows


In this story, Iltalehti follows the ratification of Finland's NATO membership in the current member countries. enmenmistouml-ratifioinut-il-seuraa-024644c.jpg” alt=”Lithuania ratifies Finland's NATO membership, now the already majority ratified – IL follows” />

Finland's NATO membership still needs ratification in all current NATO – member countries. NatoTekijät (3) Tuesday 5 July 2022 at 19:02 (edited today at 15:13)

So far, 16 NATO countries have ratified Finland's and Sweden's NATO membership. Finland's NATO membership was most recently ratified by Lithuania on Wednesday, July 20.

There are 30 member countries, so now the majority of NATO countries have already ratified the membership.

The ratification process started when the accession protocols of Finland and Sweden were signed on Tuesday, July 5 by NATO observer members. Now the current member states of NATO will ratify the accession protocols of Finland and Sweden before the countries become full members of the military alliance.

Denmark and Canada were the first to ratify NATO membership. Norway also followed. You can see the current situation in the graph below.

In this story, Iltalehti follows the latest developments related to the ratification of Finland and Sweden's NATO membership.

National procedures vary

Some member countries ratify the agreement in parliament and some directly by a government decision. National procedures vary. Some NATO countries already obtained approval from their national parliaments for the membership of Finland and Sweden.

Consequently, some of the member countries have ratified the accession protocols, like Denmark, on a very fast schedule. However, the decisive thing is that all 30 member countries handle the ratification. Thus, slowing down even one delays the whole process.

In recent months, the headlines have been Turkey's braking and tightening. At the NATO summit held in Madrid, Turkey, Finland and Sweden signed a memorandum of understanding. Based on it, Turkey promised to accept the membership of Finland and Sweden.

After the meeting ended, however, Turkey threatened to freeze the ratification in the country's parliament if Finland and Sweden did not fulfill their promises. Turkey is still the biggest threshold before Finland's NATO membership.

Race towards ratification

With the exception of lobbying against Turkey, all other NATO member countries have shown state leadership green light for Finland's membership in ongoing discussions. Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto (green) has estimated that all countries could get the ratification done by the end of the year.

In May, Iltalehti found out how quickly some of the member countries would deal with the issue. In some of the member countries, the summer holidays of the parliaments affect the matter.

Most of the parliaments are unicameral like Finland, but in the Czech Republic, for example, ratification requires a simple majority of both the upper and lower houses.

During the ratification process, Finland and Sweden can participate in most of the NATO meetings as observer members. However, the countries do not have the right to vote until full membership.

Parliament approves the agreement

When all current NATO countries have ratified Finland's membership, the Secretary General of NATO invites Finland to join the North Atlantic Treaty. After that, in Finland, the State Council still presents the government's proposal to the parliament on the accession agreement and the necessary changes to the law.

The parliament will presumably give its broad support to the approval of the agreement, because the initiation of Finland's membership application process was approved by an exceptionally large majority of the parliament. In the vote held on May 17, 188 MPs voted in favor of applying for membership and only eight voted against.

After the parliamentary hearing, the State Council will present the matter to the President of the Republic. The instrument of accession will be sent to Washington and deposited in the custody of the United States government. The accession agreement enters into force. Finland will become a full member of NATO.

The news will be updated.

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