Little Berry needs the most expensive medicine in the world. Every zloty is important in life

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Jagoda is fighting SMA. A large sum of money is needed.

 Little Jagoda needs the most expensive medicine in the world. Every gold is worth the weight of life

On the website” Sie helps “, little Jagoda's parents set up a collection to collect funds for the most expensive medicine in the world. The girl was diagnosed with the most severe form of the disease – SMA 1, which makes the child unable to function. The only chance for health for the girl is to administer the drug, the price of which exceeds PLN 9 million. Thanks to the therapy, Jagoda can overcome SMA. For this, however, we need our help.

Desired child

On the collection's website, we can read that Jagoda was a long-awaited child. Her mom had been trying to get her for 10 years. The girl was born in the 34th week of pregnancy by caesarean section. Everything seemed fine for a while, but unfortunately a dramatic diagnosis followed.

When Jagoda was six years old, her relatives noticed that something was wrong with the girl. The girl did not develop like other children of her age, she stopped lifting her head, moving her hands and fingers. Although Jagoda's mother did not lose hope that it was only a temporary situation, the doctors' diagnosis turned out to be absolute – SMA1.

Jogoda's family does everything so that the girl can take advantage of the most expensive medicine in the world, which will allow her to stop the disease . The therapy is carried out in Lublin and consists in a single administration of a drug that changes the genetic code, which results in the production of the diseased protein necessary for muscles by the body.

Examples of other sick children who have undergone this therapy show that it is extremely effective. However, in order for Jagoda and her relatives to enjoy the next years they spent together, money is needed. Jag & oacute; dki was not covered by the drug refund.

 Little Blueberry needs the most expensive medicine in the world. Every gold-coin is worth the weight of life

How to support Jagoda?

At the moment, the collection is over PLN 7.7 million. Very little is missing for the girl to benefit from gene therapy. To make this possible, our help is needed. Every zloty is worth living here.

To support Jag & oacute; dka, just go to the website and make even the smallest donation. You can also send a text message 0144345 to 75365.

Will you help Jagoda win the fight for her life?

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