Live as cheese in butter rolls around! Her husband and a house built, and drove South! Snickering Pauline!

Жила, как сыр в масле каталась! Ей муж и дом построил, и на юга возил! Зажралась Полина!

I am all right, — all questions always replied, averting his eyes.
— Exactly!

You could not ask. Polina’s always been good, great and best of all. Circles under the eyes? Think of it, many have! On the feet boots, which celebrated its second anniversary a couple of years ago? High quality and favourite, and not because you all thought! Walk home from work? Have change for the bus, but walking distance to go — useful, didn’t know? Now you know!

Over time, from Pauline behind everything. Well all a person, why would soul to climb? Or had no call to come to her and try to sniff out: what Polina not so? Amid this prosperity, the unexpected has made the news:

— About Pauline heard? Children left, husband left, he quit his job and left! Where? Who’s the hell knows! The phone is not available, pages in social networks deleted! They say her husband even the police detained! So Pauline showed up showed that are alive and well, and was gone again, even children are not seen!

Pauline was decided. Friends, few distant relatives and every monochromatic:

— Live as cheese in butter rolls around! What was not enough? I suppose, boyfriend found, and it drove off! Her husband and a house built, and drove South! Snickering Pauline!

“Her husband and a house built, and drove South!” and not to argue. Is it just to clarify.

House. Built a house, lived not only Pauline and her husband and two children but all relatives “Builder”. Specifically, mother, grandparents and younger sister in the company of his Pets: two dogs and three cats. Their apartments perpetual guests passed, while enjoying the hospitality of the son and his wife. But otherwise, Angelotti! And in the case of divorce, Pauline not robbed the unfortunate workaholic husband, a house was recorded on his mother.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner for the whole Horde was preparing Pauline. In free from work, kids and garden time. Moreover, preparing a few dishes: the grandparents missing teeth and find it hard to eat something solid, but the 24-year-old sister Polinyako husband did not eat meat, fish and eggs. Polina cooked porridge for the dogs.

The garden is a separate topic. A small piece of land, which, on the idea of Pauline, was supposed to be a flower garden, the older generation choir broke into the garden. But to care for him was the mistress of the house. Chickens and pigs, which also was supposed to be (“their eggs and meat!”), appeared thanks to the 24-year-old vegetarian:

— No! You crazy! I tolerate that you eat it with me! To see pigs and birds, which you then lose, I don’t want!
Pauline worked as a storekeeper on the basis of product, all day swiping on the feet. Home from work she had to go on foot: salary card the women had a spouse, determining the appropriateness of all expenditures. And 40 rubles per day for travel, he felt it did not need the waste to go, then Polina is just 4 kilometers one way! “Grandfathers, Vaughn, for 15 km one way to school walked peshochkom, and nothing!” — loved was the breadwinner complaints Polina.

Children. The pride of every mother, her joy and hope for a full old age. Children of Pauline quickly adopted the style of communication of your elderly relatives and quickly became known as mom lightly “Hey, you.” Pauline was forbidden to go to school PTA meetings, under the pretext: “Mom, stop showing us up!” But Pauline went on, after her husband’s: “man is Not the case!”

Trips to the South. Yes, there was. Judging by the above, it is easy to guess, as what it went to “rest” Pauline: care for the grandmother and the grandfather of her husband was entirely on her shoulders. Two weeks at sea, but even with heels it did not dip even once? It’s about “the South” Pauline.

From the time of departure (desertion?) Pauline was two years ago. In a year it will be 40. Polina is on a remote job, rents a small house near the sea and pays child support. Not much time left, even a couple of years and Pauline is finally free.

His first, for many years, the dress Pauline bought tormented by remorse: “Maybe it is better for children extra money to send?” But suddenly hatched bit of selfishness won, adding to the dress sandals.

— You know, I’m almost forty. And I’m just starting to live. When did I become an “aunt” — not noticed. But I clearly remember the day when from this “aunt” again turned into a woman. A woman, whose whole life ahead of you: standing at the station waiting for the bus with a small bag with documents and studenyi the former husband of 40 thousand rubles. I don’t regret that he gave up everything and everyone. Regret what have not done this before. I have only one life, and I realized that I didn’t want to devote the wooing of other people. — says Polina.

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