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LIVE. Tour de France 2024: the white paths in a mini Strade Bianche, the 9th stage

“LIVE. Tour de France 2024: the white paths in a mini Strade Bianche, the 9th stage”

The 9th stage of the Tour de France promises to be epic with the white paths that will be crossed and that could cause some riders to lose the Tour.


12:31 – Tricky routes at the start of the white paths

At the start of the white paths in sector no. 10, riders will have to be very vigilant because before each path there are narrowings and 90-degree turns. When the riders arrive in Loches, they will have to take an S at a place where the road is 2.50m wide. They will turn left at right angles and then climb the bump to reach the path. Any cyclist badly positioned at the bottom can find themselves very quickly left behind.

12:13 – Benoot believes in Vingegaard

Tiesj Benoot, Vingegaard's partner, believes in his leader in his ability to succeed. &agrav; pilot well &agrav; Troyes  "He rides his bike well, he is one of the best technically among the riders in the generalé eacute;ral, he showed é two years ago in the cobblestone stage (Lille – Arenberg, 16th) that he could respond present on the accident roads ;s. Maybe tomorrow (today) suits him a little better than the others

12:00 – The planned departure at 1:35 p.m.

The 9th stage of the Tour de France between Troyes and Troyes will start as usual. usual around 1:35 p.m. for the real departure, the fictitious departure will be at 1:15 p.m. Runners are expected at the finish line around 5:30 p.m./6 p.m. depending on their race pace.

11:57 – Girmay consolidates its leadership position for the green jersey

With its victory yesterday Girmay has comforted its position in the green jersey. his first place in the green jersey ranking of best sprinter. With 216 points he is ahead of Philipsen by 88 points (128)

11:46 – Which tires for today?

The tires must have a diameter section of almost 30 cm. The tubeless (without inner tube), allows them to be matched with lower pressures and all this provides a larger surface area in contact with the ground, and a gain in comfort. This is what is already best suited to the classics as well as the Strade Bianche.

11:40 – Finally the return of the great van Aert ?

“Saturday's stage suits me well and this weekend is important for me, as for the team, especially Sunday. Unfortunately I am not as consistent as usual, but I have also had good days on this Tour, so we will keep our heads up and go all out,” explained the Belgian. No luck, Saturday's stage was another failure for the Visma rider who is therefore banking on this Sunday.

11:33 – Message from Evenpoel

Remco Evenpoel held this morning à leave an important message particularly to the public who intend to attend the stage of Troyes, and more generally at the one who will accompany the runners on the next decisive stages

11:26 – Abrahamsen still best climber

Jonas Abrahamsen, who is 77th in the general à 54 minutes and 20 seconds from Pogacar, is still leader of the jersey à best climber pea. The situation may change next week with the more copious mountain stages

11:23 – Update on the general ranking

At the level of the g& Overall, Pogacar is still ahead of Evenpoel by 33 seconds. The podium is complete! by Jonas Vingegaard who is 1 minute and 15 seconds behind the Slovenian. Roglic is 4th &at 1'36'' just ahead of Pogacar's two partners in the UAD team, in this case Ayuso (5th &at 2'16) and Almeida (6' ;egrave;me à 2'17)

11:20 – "We could lose the Tour today& ;quot;

Tadej Pogacar admitted, this step is not decisive, but it can cause an upheaval in the general ranking. "A decisive step I don’t think, but we have to be even more concentrated, sharper. We're going to have to be careful à each gravel sector, each entrance, each exit. Wind, rain maybe, it can be a lot of things that knock you down so it's not a decisive step , but we can lose the Tour tomorrow (Sunday). You can be the best in gravel, if you have a puncture at the wrong time you can lose time. There will be a lot of good teams, we will have to control" 

11:16 – Return to Girmay's exploit

Another great victory on yesterday's stage for the Eritrean Biniam Girmay, relive the finish &eacute; Colombey-les-deux-églises 

11:04 – 2000m vertical drop positive

There will be many pitfalls in this particular journey & Troyes with 2000m of altitude difference positive. The path which is never flat is hard from the beginning to the end. the end with a little less elevation gain &agrav; the end of the stage. The succession of restarts after each path will hurt your legs. You will have to press, stop, turn, start again. bottoms out and constantly repositions itself. In short, a very technical stage which should delight Mathieu Van Der Poel.

10:59 – An in& eacute;dit

Voilà For months the teams have been preparing for this stony 9th stage. In fact, 32 km will be dotted with gravel, this clay-limestone rock of the Kymméridigian type, formed in the Upper Jurassic 155 million years ago ;es. It will be necessary to tame this very important part of the race, in terms of specific driving, as well as the specific tires adapted to the race. this type of route.

10:58 – Evenepoel impatient

The Belgian recognized this step seriously. several times and will try to recover the Yellow Jersey again. Tadej Pogačar. "I am à both very excited and a little anxious. I can't wait to discover these white paths outside. French and at the same time I know that anything can happen. All riders involved in the general classification will want to pay attention to this. do not waste time. I know all the sectors, I have been there see the most difficult ones and frankly I like them. We will see the scenario, it will depend on the breakaway, if we have very strong riders in front or not. In any case I have the impression that tomorrow's stage (Sunday) will be one of the most beautiful sporting events of the year. rsquo;yearée".

10:50 – A mini Strade Bianche on the 9th stage

LIVE. Tour de France 2024: the white paths in a mini Strade Bianche, the 9th stage

Sunday July 7, the day of the second round of legislative elections, the 9th stage of the Tour de France promises to be very delicate with numerous white paths covered over the 199 kilometers of the route around Troyes. 14 sectors will be on the program out of a total of 32 km dismantled including six sectors which are placed in the last 30 kilometers.

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What are the dates for Tour de France 2024 ?

The Tour de France 2024 will take place from Saturday June 29 to Sunday July 21, 2024.

Tour de France map

Here is the Tour de France map with a strong southern accent for this 2024 edition

The profile of the 21 steps

Here are the 21 stages of the Tour de France 2024 with all the cities which will host the start or finish of a ' ;eacute;step.

  • 1st stage, Saturday June 29: Florence-Rimini (206 km)
  • 2nd stage, Sunday June 30: Cesenatico-Bologna (200 km)
  • 3rd stage, Monday July 1: Plaisance-Turin (229 km)
  • 4th stage, Tuesday July 2: Pinerolo-Valloire (138 km)
  • 5th stage, Wednesday July 3: Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne-Saint-Vulbas (177 km)
  • 6th stage, Thursday July 4: MâDijon (163 km)
  • 7th stage, Friday July 5: Nuits-Saint-Georges-Gevrey-Chambertin, individual time trial (25 km)
  • 8th stage, Saturday July 6: Semur-en-Auxois-Colombey-les-Deux-Eglises (176 km)
  • 9th stage, Sunday July 7: Troyes-Troyes (199 km)
  • Rest day at Orleans, Monday July 8
  • 10th stage, Tuesday July 9: Orl&ans-Saint-Amand-Montrond (187 km)
  • 11th stage, Wednesday July 10: Evaux-les-Bains-Le Lioran (211 km)
  • 12th stage, Thursday July 11: Aurillac-Villeneuve-sur-Lot (204 km)
  • 13th stage, Friday July 12: Agen-Pau (171 km)
  • 14th stage, Saturday July 13: Pau-Saint-Lary-Soulan (152 km)
  • 15th stage, Sunday July 14: Loudenvielle-Plateau de Beille (198 km)
  • Rest day at Gruissan, Monday July 15
  • 16th stage, Tuesday July 16: Gruissan-N&imes (187 km)
  • 17th stage, Wednesday July 17: Saint-Paul-Trois-Châteaux-Superdévoluy (178 km)
  • 18th stage, Thursday July 18: Gap-Barcelonnette (179 km)
  • 19th stage, Friday July 19: Embrun-Isola 2000 (145 km)
  • 20th stage, Saturday July 20: Nice-Col de Couillole (133 km)
  • 21st stage, Sunday July 21: Monaco-Nice, individual time trial (34 km)
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