Lively debate between candidates in Duplessis | Elections Quebec 2022

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Animated debate between candidates in Duplessis | Élections Québec 2022

Kateri Champagne Jourdain of the Coalition avenir Québec, Chamroeun Khuon of the Liberal Party of Québec, Marilou Vanier of the Parti québécois, Roberto Stéa of the Conservative Party of Québec and Uapukun Mestokosho of Québec solidaire

On the occasion of a special program of the program Boréale 138, the Nords-Côtiers were able to listen live to the debate between candidates in the riding of Duplessis. All in all, the debate took place with respect and calm, even if certain subjects aroused more passion and made the aspiring deputies raise their voices.

Five candidates were present, Marilou Vanier (PQ), Roberto Stéa (PCQ), Kateri Champagne Jourdain (CAQ), Uapukun Mestokosho (QS) and Chamroeun Khuon (PLQ).

Towards the end of the exchange, which until then had been rather calm, some questions were the subject of clashes between the candidate of the CAQ, Kateri Champagne Jourdain, and the conservative Roberto Stéa. However polite, the short attacks touched among other things on air transport and the increase in the cost of living.

Candidates were asked to answer questions on five topics: economy, population and demography, health and public services, environment and natural resources and the opening up of the North Shore.

CAQ candidate Kateri Champagne Jourdain has expressed satisfaction with her party's accomplishments over the past four years. She stressed that she wanted to continue the work started by the CAQ, among other things by focusing on the economic development of the region.

Kateri Champagne Jourdain (archives)

Me, what I want to do with the CAQ< /em> is about putting my experience to good use.

— Kateri Champagne Jourdain, CAQ candidate

What I want to do, I want to do with a stock party. And that's why I chose the CAQ to do it, she added in the introduction. The candidate has also co-chaired the Chamber of Commerce of Sept-Îles Uashat mak Mani-utenam.

Roberto Stéa (PCQ) also places economic development at the heart of his objectives. Among other things, he says he is banking on his knowledge of the region and wants to include and consult the region's Aboriginal communities in his projects.

If I am elected, you will have a senior deputy in Quebec […], which will raise awareness of the issues and realities of Duplessis […] Above all, I am committed to working with the Innu nation in order to bring it together and become a partner in our social and societal development, he argued.

Roberto Stéa (archives)

The candidate is a geographer by training and works at Hydro-Québec.

As for candidate Chamroeun Khuon, of the PLQ, he repeatedly reiterated the importance of listening to and respecting the needs of the region in his approach .

I want to be a unifier. In the rally, we have a force to claim the rights that our region needs. »

— Chamroeun Khuon, candidate for the PLQ

The candidate mainly stuck to generic proposals from his party, particularly in terms of education and workforce retention.

Chamroeun Khuon (archive)

At the Parti Québécois, Marilou Vanier emphasized his party's legacy in the region. She also underlined the commitment of outgoing MP, Lorraine Richard, and pledged to remain a strong voice for the Côte-Nord region.

I want us to have a united voice to be able to go to Quebec, defend our positions. That's why we should vote again, and always, for the Parti québécois. »

— Marilou Vanier, PQ candidate

Marilou Vanier (archives)

Finally, the candidate of Quebec Solidaire, Uapukun Mestokosho said she wanted to represent the land and the territory, but also the youth. However, the candidate was unable to answer several of the questions, because economics is not my forte. She has placed healing and respect for the territory at the heart of her priorities.

Uapukun Mestokosho (archives)

The debate, lasting a total of 1.5 hours, was broadcast live at the Boréale 138 radio show and webcast on ICI Côte-Nord's web and Facebook platforms. The debate was co-hosted by Nicholas Bergeron and William Phénix.

  • The economic issues of the North Shore at the heart of a debate in Duplessis

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