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Livret A, life insurance, PEA: how are the French saving in 2024 ?

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How do the French save ? To answer this important question, the Ifop institute carried out a survey in partnership with Altaprofits. This “2024 Savings Barometer in France and the region” therefore made it possible to question 2,402 people, representative of the French population aged 18 and over. Here are the main lessons to be learned.

A fairly stable level of savings

Nearly 85% of our adult compatriots have at least one savings product. 58% of participants even have several. It should be noted that only 42% of them manage to deposit money into them monthly. This is particularly the case for intermediate professions and people earning more than 2,500 euros net per month, and/or those aged 25 to 34, and households with two children.

The French remain cautious

An overwhelming majority of savers (69%) turn to risk-free products, but with a low return. This is particularly the case for regulated savings accounts (Livret A, Livret de développement durable, PEL).

Intermediate investments such as life insurance have recovered this year. 29% of respondents say they have one compared to 26% in 2023. The savings plan in action is not really popular, it has attracted 13% of respondents for three years now. Riskier investments, on the other hand, are shunned by respondents: only 5% say they use them.

Why do the French save? ?

Unsurprisingly, 75% of participants in this survey say they put money aside to deal with complicated situations. 45% say they are investing to finance a future project (short or long term). More surprisingly, some say they just open a savings product in order to clearly distinguish this money from that present in their current account.

Without huge surprise, Ifop specifies that More people under 35 than their elders save money for a future project (59 compared to 40% for those over 35). Conversely, older French people save money to cope with an extraordinary event (77%).

Are you surprised by the results of this survey? Tell us in the comments.

What to remember:

  • A large majority of French adults have savings products
  • < li>They mainly rely on safe and risk-free investments

  • The reasons for saving vary: preparing a future project or coping to an unforeseen event

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