Loana half naked and “destroyed”: she speaks after her controversial video

Loana is half-naked and “destroyed”: she speaks after his controversial video

After his controversial video on the web, Loana decided to speak. The former reality TV candidate explains the accusations of Internet users. melty tells you more here.

It has been several years since Loanaquit reality TV, despite returning to Les Anges. And unfortunately since then, the former lofteuse is regularly talked about for her state of health. Loana did not only have good times and several people around her were not necessarily there to support her. The more time passed, the deeper she sank. We remember that in TPMP, the concern was great for those who knew Loana. But recently, she has regained her smile and morale. Something to reassure his fans who are still very numerous since his release of Loft Story. But recently, they were able to discover a video of Loana wishing them a happy music day and for them, she is not in her normal state.

In this video, Loana has headphones on and while dancing, she says: “Music festival, a little late. (…) Celebrate”. In the euphoria of the moment, Loana lowered her phone and Internet users were then able to discover her chest which did not appear to be covered. What to make them react via the comments. We have, for example, been able to read: “Oh my God !!! There is EMERGENCY … she is really not in her normal state. What are his relatives doing? You have to alert his profile, it's crazy. She is toothless and shot … what else??? (…) So on your video Lolo nothing goes: firstly there’s no music, secondly you’re naked and brothel but you’re stoned like a space fox! Is it still possible to help you? ”.

“I am neither drugged nor alcoholic”

Faced with numerous accusations from Internet users, Loana decided to take the floor to clear things up. She says: “I just wanted to laugh and no I'm not on drugs or alcohol. Just want to make you laugh instead of the slick pictures they put of me… Yes, I love having fun. Where is the harm?? You have dozens of girls in tiny thongs bragging about creams that don't even work and you call them businesswomen! I don't sell anything. Just three minutes of laughter with my hair covering just enough. And I get a lot of insults”. That is what is said!

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