Locke & Key season 3: a mysterious trailer for the finale of the Netflix series


The latest season of Netflix fantasy series, Locke & Key, has been revealed more in a new trailer.

Finally less long-lived than one might have expected, the Locke & Key series will soon be coming to an end. Driven in 2020 by the N rouge platform, the series currently has two seasons, which will end with a third and final burst of episodes this summer. A surprising fact knowing the streaming giant and its symptomatic tendency to wear out its programs such as Stranger Things or even La Casa de papel.

Adapted from the homonymous graphic novels written by Gabriel Rodriguez and Joe Hill (yes, Stephen King's son), Locke & Keythus tells the story of the Locke siblings as they move in with their mother to Keyhouse, an ancestral family home. There, they discover magic keys, but as soon as they explore its various powers, a terrible demonic entity is awakened from its sleep and wants to seize it.

For its third and final season, the Netflix series seems to have wanted to pull out all the stops. Driven by a new antagonist, a very different dynamic from previous plots and new challenges, this burst of upcoming episodes promises, given this new trailer, to give Locke teenagers a hard time. Spoiler alert!

As a reminder, the previous season of Locke & Keyended on a nice cliffhanger: after finally defeating Dodge (Laysla De Oliveira), teenagers Tyler (Connor Jessup), Kinsey (Emilia Jones), Bode (Jackson Robert Scott) and Nina (Darby Stanchfield) could finally aspire to a peaceful life. However, the terrible Gideon (played by Kevin Durand) freed in the very last episode by Eden, actually seized the master key in order to escape Locke's domain, and now seeks to bring chaos to the town of Matheson.

As these new images suggest, the main narrative arc of this third season is therefore based on the confrontation between the Locke brothers and sisters and this veteran of the American Civil War. And it would seem that a new key, which is able to allow its user to travel in time, was discovered by Bode in the clock of the house. In order to defeat Gideon, the young siblings will have no choice but to play with spatio-temporal laws, even if it means bringing back their enemy Dodge among them.

Not rest for the brave

For this third season, Joe Hill got down to writing the script for an episode, while executive producers Carlton Cuse (Bates Motel) and Meredith Averill (The Haunting of Hill House) both signed those of the last episodes. And so much the better, since since the series was renewed by Netflix at the end of the first season, the two producers and screenwriters only wanted to develop the plot over two additional seasons. Locke & Keyshould therefore get the outcome it deserves.

Ordered for 8 episodes instead of the traditional ten, this final season will therefore invest the Netflix catalog on August 10th. The time until then for the curious to discover (or rediscover) the first two seasons, also available on the platform, or simply read the original comic strip.


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