Lofree Loflick, keyboard with retro aesthetics and unique design


    Lofree Loflick, retro aesthetic keyboard and unique design

    Lofreeis a recognized brand of Asian origin that is standing out in the current market for its original designs. It specializes in the development of equipment such as mechanical keyboards, Bluetooth desktop speakers, desktop fans, etc. Among its recent products stands out a mechanical keyboard with a very original design, minimalist and functional that supports three connection possibilities (wired, wireless and Bluetooth). 

    Another added value is that it can be connected to both Mac and IOS, Windows and Android. You can also pair up to three devices at once, switching between them quickly.

    Feature Highlights

    Lofree has designed a mechanical keyboard with peculiar keys, both because of their shape (they imitate those of old machines) and are designed to make it more comfortable when typing.

    It is a compact product built with PBT keys and ABS frame. The Loflick series has two versions LoFlick68 and LoFlick100, 68-key and 100-key. Both are stylish and allow for customization (add colorful keys).  


    Lofree Loflick has triple connection modes. They can be connected with a variety of devices, including Windows systems, Mac, iOS, and Android devices. They integrate Bluetooth V5.0 wireless connectivity, 2.4 GHz Wireless Dongle connectivity and USB Type-C wired connectivity.

    Long-lasting battery

    Uses 3 AAA batteries. With built-in battery power management, the keyboard runs for up to 4 weeks on a single charge (or a new set of batteries).

    Added values

    They have an impressive retro finish. 

    It comes standard with a user guide, a battery pack and a USB Type-C connector cable.

    Lofree Loflick has a compact appearance. Keys (replaceable) that have good visibility and are conveniently distributed. They are large and easy to read, making writing easy. Instead of a straight floor shape with feet for height adjustment, the keyboard features a gentle slope that improves ergonomics. 

    A small thumbwheel near the USB Type-C port on the The corner of the keyboard allows you to select the modes: Power off, Type-C wired, 2.4GHz wireless and Bluetooth.

    With the tall keyboard design, the typing experience is very comfortable . The keys are within easy reach and you can type easily. One of the standout features, aside from its smooth feel when pressing the keys, is the acoustic presentation: evocative.

    The price is competitive and can be purchased internationally .


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