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Logitech G keyboard review Pro X TKL: as massive as it is powerful

Logitech, always eager to offer new high-end gaming equipment, has unveiled the Pro X TKL Lightspeed keyboard. We were able to test the latter for several weeks.

Logitech has continued its efforts. announcements and releases of new equipment destination for gamers for this year 2023. Among the latest products in the G range (intended for demanding and professional gamers), we find in particular the Logitech G Pro >

Available in three colors (white, pink, and here our test copy in black), the G Pro à From 229 euros at a multitude of specialist brands such as Fnac, Top Achat or Boulanger. A sacred budget which confirms its status as a "premium keyboard" which is primarily intended for gamers who want to equip themselves with quality equipment. We were able to put our hands on the G Pro X TKL Lightspeed keyboard for several weeks to confirm whether or not this product was up to par. the height of the brand's ambitions.

A sober but effective design

The design of the G Pro The keyboard has a TKL format (without numeric keypad) which allows it not to take up too much space and is easy to use. reposition or transport for gaming sessions where whether you are.

Logitech G Pro massive than efficient

© Linternaute/Julian Madiot

Everything about the design of the G Pro and the feeling of high-end equipment. The keyboard already weighs a lot. a certain weight which may also be suitable for some players (difficult to drag it on your desk with a bad gesture) that displeases them. some (who might appreciate being able to move it easily and quickly). This weight could also be a certain handicap for players who like to carry their equipment with them to go to LAN for example.

In addition to its most classic keys, the G Pro X TKL Lightspeed keyboard has a few additional functions located in its upper section. These are the same ones that can be found on a large number of keyboards from the brand with control of your music and its volume, your connection (Bluetooth or Lightspeed) and brightness of the product. These buttons, while proving to be quite practical, are a little too hidden behind the huge keys of the G Pro ;s quickly.

The G Pro using an application dedicated to Logitech products. The latter provides a nice “pro gamer” effect, but which will have a significant impact on the device's battery.

Logitech G Pro © Linternaute/Julian Madiot 

<p>We will regret the absence of wrist rests, especially at high speed. such a price. The G715 that we tested a few months ago offered this little accessory which turns out to be very practical during long gaming or work sessions.</p>
<p>The layout of the G Pro These are pleasant and will suit your needs. different user profiles, although the absence of wrist rest will be particularly felt with the highest configuration.</p>
<h2>A powerful typing and sound</h2>
<p>The G Pro The pressure necessary to the activation of the buttons is therefore more important than for linear or clicky models but allows a very good return to operation. each use. Typing is pleasant and feels great when typing a long text or performing a series of precise actions on a video game .</p>
<p>The touchscreen model isn't the loudest, but it's not the quietest either. Forget the idea of ​​going incognito in your open space if you want to take out the G Pro A detail, but one that may annoy some people, especially given the price range of the Logitech keyboard which competes with devices from Razer or Asus.</p>
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