Logitech Zone True Wireless Headphones

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Logitech Zone True Wireless Headphones

The company Logitech,that is being entering more and more into the hybrid work segment with a greater number of devices, which can also work in different scenarios, has included in its catalog the Zone True Wireless, headphones that are characterized for being certified for Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Google Meet, Google Voice and Zoom.


They work with calling and video calling applications in almost all platforms and operating systems, as they have Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business business certifications, Google Meet and Google Voice certification, and Zoom certification.

They integrate three microphones per earpiece to distinguish the human voice from other sounds, through a combination of advanced beamforming, cascade noise reduction and dynamic processing. 

< p>They integrate adaptive hybrid ANC technology with a transparency mode where the 12 mm drivers manage the bass.

Added values

They can be connected simultaneously to the computer and the mobileand customize sound controls and features with the Logi Tune app. 

Adds Bluetooth technology, a USB receiver, and advanced multipoint technology for switch between two sources of IP68 rated for resistance to moisture, sweat, dust and sand. They have removable gel adapters, in three sizes, for a better fit.

Autonomy and charging

They provide 6 hours of calls and 9 hours of music with ANC activated (6.5 and 12 hours without ANC). They're compatible with Qi wireless charging, and 5 minutes gives you an extra hour of talk time.


Logitech's Zone True Wireless have a price of 339 euros and they are available in two different colors: graphite and pink. 


Prepared for professional and personal use with optimal results in both scenarios, by properly managing both music and calls.

The voice sounds clear even in noisy environments, thanks to the 6 integrated microphones. The innermost microphone picks up your voice through bone conduction and, combined with a fabric that helps eliminate wind noise, transmits sound well in any environment. 

Hybrid ANC technology successfully blocks noise and helps you focus, while transparency mode is useful for chatting and hearing people or traffic noise without having to remove your headphones.&nbsp ;

The Logi Tune app lets you set up, control, and customize your headphones: manage muting, view charging status, and adjust five-band equalizer sliders.

Technical aspects

Dimensions and weight: Headphone: 15.9 x 27.4 x 26.3 mm; 6.5g In sleeve: 25 x 39.8 x 74.5 mm; 46 g

Frequency response in music: 20-20KHz. In conversation mode: 100-8KHz

Autonomy: 6 hours (ANC activated); 6.5 hours (ANC off), talk time. Listening to music: 9 hours (ANC on); 12 hours (ANC off)

Headphone charging time: 2 hours 45 minutes. Out of the box: 3 hours

Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, USB-C

Headphone resistance: IP68. Charging box: IP54