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Lola Antolinos: the Star Academy candidate has already made a shocking appearance on TV.

Lola Antolinos-Richard will shine in the Star Academy spotlight this Saturday, November 4. But this is not his first visit to Paris. television…

Lola Antolinos, an unknown until now this day, has been catapulted into the spotlight on the set of “Quotidien”. À 21 years old, this native of Bourgoin-Jallieu is preparing to take up her career. live an adventure that could transform your passion into a career. This November 4, she joins the castle of Dammarie-les-Lys for the 2023 class of the Star Academy, revealed to the general public in a spectacular way.

His coming to the TMC set was only a prelude to his arrival. the revelation made by Yann Barthès, who told her live that she was the first candidate selected for the show. The young woman, who believed she was participating in a final audition, saw his destiny take a memorable turn. Lola, probably moved, did not hide her feelings. neither his amazement nor his emotion, leaving the presenter to paint a flattering portrait of his vocal talents and his version of “I love him”. die" performed on set.

But behind this television surprise, who is really Lola Antolinos? A "child of the ball" whose talent and art seem to be family heirlooms. The young woman, a former cheerleader according to Le Dauphine, grew up in a creative environment, surrounded by a musician father, a dancer mother and a photographer brother. It's no wonder, then, that she made her way to the stage, not just as a singer, but also as a “professional dancer.” A profession that she embraced well before embarking on the Star Academy adventure.

A hope for the show

The public has already She was able to get a taste of her talent when she took part in the competition. at the M Study Festival at Montpellier. Her festival Facebook page reveals a promising artist, claiming to sing "before she even speaks" and promising to take the audience into a "pop universe that mixes softness and power". His determination is also reflected in his career, having followed numerous artistic training courses from Paris to France. Barcelona.

In all humility, she expresses her reason for participating in the casting: "to live [her] dream". A sincerity which will not fail to charm viewers and perhaps propel her to the forefront of the French musical scene. As the support from former academicians underlines, Lola Antolinos may be on the verge of becoming the public's new darling. With the encouragement of her peers and her undeniable talent, she is ready to take on the challenge. cause "a misfortune to the castle". The adventure begins on November 4, and France can't wait to discover what Lola will offer on the Star Academy stage.

Teilor Stone

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