London in turmoil after Charles was proclaimed the new king of the United Kingdom. The services had to intervene

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There was a dangerous incident after the ceremony of King Charles III.

 Disruptions in London after Charles was proclaimed the new king of the United Kingdom. The services had to intervene

On Thursday, the world media circulated information about the death of Queen Elizabeth II. She was succeeded by her son, Charles III, who has already assumed all the responsibilities associated with the title.

Portal & ldquo; MSN & rdquo; states that the new king already has to face various difficulties. On Saturday, during the return from the official ceremony of proclaiming him monarch, a rather dangerous incident occurred on the road in London.

One of the people gathered along the route of the limousine carrying Charles III back to Buckingdam Palace stormed onto the road and lunged towards the vehicle.

'Unfortunately, there has been an unusual situation. One of the passersby probably jumped over the gate & rdquo; – reports the portal

The policemen quickly saw the situation and reacted accordingly. The uniforms quickly overpowered the man.

The reasons for this behavior are not known yet. It is known, however, that the new king will have to be patient. It is widely believed that he is not as well-liked as his mother, who served as queen for over seventy years.

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