London police develop new trans policy

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London Police are developing a new trans policy

The London Police Services Board is due to approve a new policy on Thursday focusing on the rights of transgender people during searches and detentions.

This new policy was developed after a trans activist criticized her treatment by police when she was arrested about a month ago.

Clara Sorrenti is a transgender activist and very popular on social media. On August 5, 2022, she says she was the victim of a malicious alert (swatting in English). She says she was arrested at gunpoint, then handcuffed, and London police searched her apartment for eight hours.

Clara Sorrenti is streaming on Twitch as Keffals. She lives in London, Ontario.

Ms Sorrenti, known online as Keffals, was found not to be at fault after the incident and was subsequently harassed online.

The policy put forward by London Police on the Search and Detention of Transgender People states that the Chief Constable will ensure that when dealing with transgender people, officers are sensitive to the rights of the person… and use the gender declared by the searched person.

Officers must also use personal pronouns that correspond to the gender of the person, without jeopardizing the safety of officers .

The Chief Constable will be required to report annually to the London Police Board on statistics relating to the search and detention of transgender people.< /p>

If the new policy is approved, the London Police Services Board will follow the example of the Toronto Police Services Board, which adopted a similar policy, established in 2006.< /p>

With CBC information

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