Longueuil will still have to wait before killing the deer

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Longueuil will still have to wait before shooting the deer

Charles Pinard says that people who hunt with crossbows are “very meticulous”.

A new twist does not wait for the other in the legal saga between the City of Longueuil and animal rights defenders in connection with the controversial deer file in Michel-Chartrand Park. The request for appeal from the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals of Montreal (SPCA) and the organization Sauvetage Animal Rescue was authorized on Tuesday.

The decision implies that the City of Longueuil will once again have to postpone the slaughter of the animals, which believes that the excess number of ruminants harms the ecosystem of the park. The Municipality of the South Shore had therefore planned a tight schedule to reduce the deer herd this fall. The operation was to take place through a controlled crossbow hunt.

However, the Quebec Court of Appeal authorized the Montreal SPCA and the organization Sauvetage Animal Rescue, represented by lawyer Anne-France Goldwater, to appeal the decision of the Superior Court rendered on October 4, which had refused to order the suspension of the deer culling project.

The intensive grazing of deer contributes to the ecological degradation of this green space, had indicated the court decision citing a report from the City. The hearing in the Court of Appeal is therefore scheduled for November 25.

In his decision, Justice Stephen W. Hamilton of the Quebec Court of Appeal recognizes that the situation is exceptional and that the best interests of justice require that leave to appeal be granted. The judge also agreed to grant a reprieve requested by the two organizations so that this matter could be debated further.

According to Sophie Gaillard, Acting Director General and Director of Defense of animals and legal affairs at the Montreal SPCA, the slaughter of wild animals, considered harmful, is no longer socially acceptable.

When we look at what is being done elsewhere, we see that responsible, ethical and innovative management of wildlife, based on science and supported by expert opinion, is possible , she declared by way of communicated. It is imperative for Quebec to develop expertise in this type of approach.

Citizens dissatisfied with the fate of deer had also launched an online petition this summer called sterilize, treat and relocate our Virginia deer from Longueuil, which has so far collected more than 2900 signatures.

Faced with pressure, the City of Longueuil had in June temporarily suspended the euthanasia of some 70 deer, the time to hold a debate in court. But according to a recent census commissioned by the Municipality, there are more than a hundred deer living in a park that can only accommodate a dozen heads.

It was last May that the Municipality announced its intention to reduce the number of deer before receiving the permit from the Ministry of Forests, Wildlife and Parks of Quebec l allowing crossbow hunting of more than 100 beasts.

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