Looking for solutions to better organize the North Shore fishing industry

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Looking for solutions to better organize the North Shore fishing industry

While the challenges of the fishing sector on the North Shore are well known, the solutions are slow in coming, according to Marilou Vanier. (File photos)

The Créneau d'excellence Ressources, Sciences et Technologies marines and the Chamber of Commerce of Sept-Îles-Uashat mak Mani-utenam want to strengthen collaboration between the various players in the North Shore fishing industry, but also to expand its pool of partners.

To do this, they organized a dinner-conference which takes place Monday in Sept-Îles. The event brings together fishermen, economic development organizations, research centers as well as representatives of provincial and federal departments. The goal: to find new solutions to old problems.

We are not as organized as the South Shore, according to the Côte-Nord director at the Créneau d'excellence, Marilou Vanier. And yet, there are many challenges on the North Shore: boat maintenance, labor shortages, acquisition of scientific data and environmental protection will be on the agenda, in particular.

< p class="e-p">While these challenges are well known, the solutions are slow in coming, which has led Ms. Vanier to throw poles outside her usual field of action. Between us, we have exhausted our solutions, she explains. The idea would therefore be to build partnerships with other economic sectors.

For example, Ms. Vanier launched the idea of ​​doing business with the mining industry, which is already equipped for the repair of heavy machinery, for the maintenance of fishing boats.

While the seasonal nature of the work aggravates the labor problems in the processing seafood products, Marilou Vanier would like to see the industry diversify. Why wouldn't a marine processor convert to a berry processor to extend the season for its workers? she suggests.

We need to broaden our horizons and see partners who are not those we are used to seeing playing in our backyard.

To forge new links in the North Shore fishing economy, the dinner-conference brings together some fifty participants at the Chez Omer restaurant in Sept-Îles on Monday.< /p>

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