Losses for 16 billion dollars: named the invasive species that caused the greatest damage to the Earth


    $16 billion in losses: invasive species that caused the greatest damage to the Earth named

    The frog and snake brought from other regions of the planet became a real disaster not only for the local fauna, but and for humans.

    An international team of scientists who calculate the economic damage caused by invasive animal species found that the bullfrog and the brown boiga snake caused $16.3 billion in damage to the world, according to the BBC.

    The brown boiga alone has caused $10.3 billion worth of damage in these 36 years due to the fact that it has taken root and actively spread on several islands in the Pacific Ocean. Living in Australia, Indonesia and New Guinea, the snake was brought to the island of Guam at the end of World War II by the American military. Now this small island in the Pacific Ocean, with an area of ​​​​549 square kilometers, is inhabited by a huge number of snakes.

    $16 billion loss: Named the invasive species that caused the greatest damage to the Earth

    These snakes have not only completely wiped out several species of animals living in Guam, but also lead to short circuits in electrical wires, due to which protective power outages are triggered. The fact is that the brown boyga loves to crawl along the wires, but brings a lot of damage in terms of money. Scientists believe that more than 2 million of these snakes live on the island of Guam, that is, more than 3 thousand snakes per square kilometer.

    Economic damage in the amount of $ 6 billion, according to scientists, was caused over three decades America to Europe bullfrog. The dramatic increase in the frog population required a huge amount of money to stop the growth of the population. The bullfrog can reach 30 cm in length and weigh up to 500 grams. This frog eats almost everything it sees and can overcome. Also, these amphibians feed on their own kind.

    $16 billion in losses: The most damaging invasive species named

    For example, in Germany, to stop the spread of these frogs, special fences had to be installed around their breeding grounds. To install these fences around only five ponds, the authorities had to spend 270 thousand euros.

    Another species of frog called coqui, which also caused significant economic damage, was introduced from Puerto Rico to the Hawaiian Islands. These frogs are small, their length does not exceed 3-5 cm, but they have an incredibly loud voice. During the mating season, coca males make such loud cries in the evening and at night that it is simply impossible for residents of nearby areas to fall asleep. This situation has led to a sharp decline in property values ​​in these areas.

    $16 billion loss: Invasive species that caused the greatest damage to the Earth named

    Study authors hope their results will encourage officials to invest more in controlling invasive species so they don't cause more damage in the future.

    As Focus wrote, scientists have discovered two new invasive species of predatory worms that threaten local ecosystems.


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