Lost a leg, but not the will to live: how a dancer from Kazakhstan lost a limb, but did not quit his favorite job

Dmitry Kim's life seemed ideal for those around him: a party star, work in Anita Tsoi's team and the Vintage group. Fame, money and a fast-moving career – everything lay in the palm of your hand. However, a fatal accident decided everything in its own way: on January 16, 2017, Dima's leg was amputated in the USA. What happened and how he dealt with it, told Sputnik. =”Lost a leg, but not the will to live: how a dancer from Kazakhstan lost a limb, but did not give up what he loved” />

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< class="p2">Now Dima lives in Los Angeles (California), he has a new bright life. And his journey began in Kazakhstan.

“All my childhood passed in Almaty. There I studied at school until the ninth grade, then I left for Russia. For some time he lived in the city of Ivanovo, graduated from college, then entered the university and left to conquer Moscow. It’s just that at the time, at the age of 17, when I was leaving, I probably didn’t have enough space in Kazakhstan. I would not say that something fundamentally prevented me from continuing my career in Kazakhstan. But I was a very creative boy who wanted to dye his hair, get tattoos, stand out from the crowd. It was hard in Kazakhstan at that time,” Kim explained.

And although everything was going well for him in Moscow, at one fine moment he simply decided to stay in the United States, after before arriving to visit friends.

“We were given a vacation for 20 days. And I took a ticket to Los Angeles to visit my friends. Upon arrival, I fell in love with this country and decided to stay. Although in Moscow, I can say that everything was perfect. I was in a circle of noble people, doing what I loved. But he considered that he needed to leave his comfort zone, and stayed in Los Angeles, ”said Dmitry.

However, that fateful day came when everything changed. And although many write that Dmitry lost his leg because of a selfie, in fact, everything is much more tragic.

“It's not about selfies. There was a beautiful sunset. I asked my friend to take a picture of me in front of a white stone wall. As soon as I took it, it collapsed on me … It happened on January 4, and on January 16 they performed the fourth operation. Three days later is my birthday. Then my friends congratulated me, called from all over,” Kim recreated the chronology of those events.

But then he did not tell anyone about what happened, even his own mother.

“Yes, I hid. I didn’t want to be greatly worried about me and finish off with my tears even more. I had to pull myself out. Only my close friends knew. And my brother. Nobody else. Together with them, he crawled out of this black hole. Tried to inhale air. Live on, ”Dmitry argued his silence.

Although there was a period when he thought about suicide, because the voiced “amputation” sounded like a verdict, and the guy did not want to be disabled at all.

“Indeed, there was a moment when thoughts of suicide came. I just didn’t understand how I, a dancer, could live without one leg. This was really scary. I cried for 16 hours. Sometimes I didn't even know if I was crying or laughing. At such moments, I was afraid of myself, but I couldn’t help it,” Dmitry admits. dream.

“Before the operation, I had four dreams. My personal. In them I said to myself: “You should wake up and smile”. And I knew that I would wake up with an amputation. In the morning, when I opened my eyes, I smiled through the pain and began to pull myself up, as if it were my daily morning to the hospital. And that's it. Somehow the will power came to me. I gathered everything into a fist and thought that we should move on. Although it was terribly difficult for me. It's still difficult. Sometimes I cry quietly alone, but I try to be good,” the dancer opened up. most likely a feature and uniqueness.

“I love my leg. I begin to love her, to talk to her, because it is necessary. This is my body and I have to accept it. We must love ourselves the way we are. It is given to us by God, the Universe. Of course, you can make yourself a victim and bury yourself. Or you can be reborn and become different. To live on. Yesterday I was stronger than today. But today he is wiser than yesterday,” Dima philosophizes.

Despite all the difficulties he has gone through, he is always joyful and cheerful, easily converges with people and is open to everything new.

< class="p2">“To any person who tries to communicate with me, if sane, of course, I am grateful that he believes in me. And no one has ever called me Dmitry Kim in my life. Unless at school, when the director was called. And so everyone knows me as Kim, Kimana, Kim-Dima. I am the same person. When they call me Dmitry Kim, I immediately want to straighten my tie, he jokes. — I have my own little complexes. You know, I am not very open from the beginning of communication – I cannot be the first to speak with a stranger. Some people think I'm arrogant, but that's just my defense.”

But the dancer also has one of his main virtues.

“Now I realized that my main advantage is the strength of the spirit. I am amazed at how strong I am inside and I move on. When I see strangers supporting me, sometimes I get the impression that they are going through more than me. I'm good in spirit. Perhaps this is my main advantage,” said Dmitry Kim in the end.

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