Lost city. 'Yellow brick road' discovered under Pacific Ocean (video)

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  • The Lost City. 'Yellow Brick Road' Found Beneath the Pacific Ocean (Video)


  • Lost city. Under the thickness of the Pacific Ocean, they discovered a

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  • The Lost City. A

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    The Lost City. 'Yellow Brick Road' Found Beneath the Pacific Ocean (Video)

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The Lost City. Under the Pacific Ocean discovered the

The researchers were quite surprised when, at a depth of about 1000 meters, they discovered the bottom of an ancient lake paved with something like bricks.

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An unusual “yellow brick road” was discovered during an expedition to a deep-sea ridge north of the Hawaiian islands. The Liliuokalani Ridge is within the Papahanaumokuakea National Marine Monument (PMNM), writes Science Alert.

PMNM is one of the largest protected parks in the world. In fact, its area is larger than all the national parks in the United States combined. However, it is also little studied – scientists believe that today they have managed to explore only 3% of the seabed of the underwater protected park.

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This year, during a deep-sea expedition, scientists discovered an unusual find – during the dive of the research vessel “Nautilus”, scientists stumbled upon a “yellow brick road” that seems to lead either to Oz or to the lost Atlantis.

It should be noted that during this expedition, scientists explored the seabed of the Pacific Ocean at a depth of up to 3,000 meters. The underwater dive was filmed on camera, and therefore we can observe the genuine emotions of the researchers who discovered something unusual.

It is known that the fabulous “yellow brick road” was discovered by researchers at the top of the Nootka seamount, which is located at a depth of about a thousand meters. It is curious that the bottom of this “mountain lake”, which is actually at the bottom of the ocean, looks extremely dry.

When the researchers first saw an unusual find, the first thing they thought of was the road to Oz or the lost Atlantis. However, there is a simpler scientific explanation.

Scientists note that the bottom of this ancient mountain lake looks like a “baked crust” that can be removed – in this area, the volcanic rock has cracked so that it actually resembles bricks.

Researchers believe that the unique 90-degree cracks are likely due to heating and cooling from multiple eruptions in this scorched patch of land. At first glance, the “yellow brick road” really does look like a path to a wonderful world, and researchers believe that in a sense, it is. Scientists believe that this “yellow brick road” symbolizes the path to the hidden geology of the Earth.