Loto-Québec still unable to sell raffle tickets

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Loto-Québec still unable to sell raffle tickets

The computer failure has prevented the sale of raffle tickets, the claiming of prizes and the publication of raffle results since Sunday.

Down since last Sunday, Loto-Québec's computer system still does not allow the state corporation to sell or validate draw lottery tickets. Each day would represent approximately $2 million in lost sales.

On the Loto-Québec web portal, a note always informs customers of the persistent outage. We are currently experiencing technical problems. Sales, prize claim and draw lottery product results are not available. We are working to correct the situation as quickly as possible. Keep your tickets, can we read in a message written on a red banner.

According to Loto-Québec spokesperson Renaud Dugas, the company hoped to be able to revive everything as of Thursday morning, but it seems that additional delays are pushing back the resumption of activities. We still assure that the service will be restored shortly.

Last week, on September 7, Loto-Québec announced that it was renouncing the change of platform for the Lotto 6/49 lottery, which was to take place on Wednesday, September 14 from start to finish; other from Canada. The Quebec company said it preferred to delay the migration of its operations because of the labor dispute between it and its professional employees.

Thus, holders of Lotto 6/49 tickets can no longer have them checked at a service point since last Sunday, September 11. It is no longer possible to purchase 6/49 tickets since that time.

At the same time as the migration postponed, on the night of September 10 to 11, a computer bug would have paralyzed the company's computer systems at the same time. To add to the complexity of the situation, it was on the same day, September 10, that Loto-Québec professionals went on strike.

In an interview granted to the radio station 98.5 FM, the president and chief executive officer of Loto-Québec, Jean-François Bergeron, assured that the synchronization of these three elements does not x27;was just a coincidence.

The computer problem that is crippling raffle ticket sales is said to be linked to the daily system update procedure that takes place at night. According to the explanations offered by Mr. Bergeron at the microphone of the host Paul Arcand, the bug would prevent the counting of the sales of the day before and the reopening of the sales of the next day.

The PDG, however, said he was reassured to see the professionals return to work on Wednesday, following the conclusion of an agreement in principle on a new collective agreement reached the day before with the Union of Professionals and Professionals of the Government of Quebec. Quebec. The offer should be submitted to the vote of the members in the coming days.

In addition, Quebecers are still deprived of Lotto 6/49 draws, since Loto-Québec does not #x27;has still not migrated to the new platform used across Canada.

This migration should be completed this Saturday, which means that Quebecers will not be able to not participate in the next draw. The Crown Corporation estimates that it will be able to offer the September 21 draw to its customers.

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