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Loto result (FDJ): a Super Holiday Draw organized this Friday, July 5!

“Loto Result (FDJ): a Super Holiday Draw organized this Friday, July 5!”

LOTTO. Hang on tight! À time for the Loto draw this Friday, July 5, 2024, euphoria should be there! If you find the right results of the day, you could win 13 million euros.

It's school holidays! Or almost… While French schoolchildren will be able to put their school bags in the depths of their cupboards this evening for two months of ;té and holidays surely very well deserved, the Française des jeux is surfing the end of the school year and offering for the occasion a Super Loto of the holidays. In short, participants in the Loto draw will be able to try to win a jackpot of 13 million euros this Friday evening, but also 50 codes to choose from. 20,000 euros each. Remember that normally only 10 codes are drawn whatever happens. The Loto results will be revealed right here around 9 p.m.


At the same time, like every Friday evening, a Euromillions draw is also organized. As with the Loto draw, it is possible to play up to 100%. 8:15 p.m. The grid of a basic combination is however sold a little cheaper, 2.50 euros ' the Euromillions against 3 euros exceptionally this Friday evening in the Loto. But after all, if you manage to achieve this, find the right results for the day, the game will definitely be worth the effort!

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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