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Loto Results (FDJ): the draw for Monday, October 23 2023 [ONLINE]

“Loto result (FDJ): the draw for Monday October 23, 2023 [ONLINE]”

LOTO RESULTS. First Loto draw of the week. The FDJ offered five million euros to participants. The results are now available!

[Put to; day October 23, 2023 at 8:56 p.m.] Was the Loto draw for this Monday, October 23, 2023? winner? What about the next jackpot at stake? According to the Loto results posted by the Française des jeux (FDJ), it seems that no one had enough luck to win the jackpot this Monday evening. One participant, however, managed to find part of the winning result. With the correct five numbers checked, but not the Lucky number of the day, he or she still wins 152,432.10 euros.

Draw of 23/10 /2023

  • 3 – 10 – 22 – 26 – 40 Chance: 4
  • Joker+ 1 824 885
  • 2nd draw option: 1 – 6 – 7 – 40 – 43
  • 10 winning codes: D 8949 6955 – F 9042 3594 – H 1431 6930 – M 3062 8134 – S 5306 1808 – T 0719 6324 – U 3115 4938 – U 8555 698 2 – V 6911 8409 – W 5313 4272

Next draw, Wednesday October 25. Six million euros will be at stake this time. As usual, it will be possible to try your luck until the end of the year. 8:15 p.m. on the big day. In the meantime, free at any time everyone to imagine what they could do with such a sum. Go on a trip to on the other side of the world, treat yourself to the kitchen robot of your dreams, repay your debts or just continue to work. live normally, but without the fear of not being able to pay the bills one day, with six million euros at stake, there is no shortage of ideas. To get an idea, six million euros corresponds to the equivalent of 4,615 SMIC, or 384 years of minimum income.

If it is more an annuity that you are looking for than an astronomical gain, which would fall only once and which you would risk using immediately in madness before finding yourself at a loss. again in the red half of the month, the Française des jeux is soon launching a lottery which will allow the winner – if chance dictates that there is one – to win up to 20,000 euros per month for 30 years. EuroDreams, its nickname, will be launched on November 6, although with the possibility of to buy tickets from October 30, and will offer draws every Monday and Thursday.

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