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Loto Results (FDJ): the draw for Monday October 9, 2023

“Loto result (FDJ): the draw for Monday October 9, 2023 [ONLINE]”

LOTTO RESULTS. With 11 million euros at stake this Monday evening, the Loto draw must have been a success. be particularly followed. The results are to be expected. find a little further down…

[Mis àgrave; day October 9, 2023 at 9:23 p.m.] Eleven million euros. This was the jackpot amount for this Loto draw, Monday October 9, 2023. Did you win? setting ? Have you become a millionaire? Unfortunately, it seems not. Indeed, this Monday's Loto draw did not produce a big winner. However, perhaps you got your hands on part of today's result? The best thing is to consult the combination without further delay, as well as all the results of this Monday's Loto draw:

Drawing of 09/10/2023

  • 9 – 16 – 23 – 30 – 32 Chance: 6
  • Joker+ 2 210 066
  • 2nd draw option: 5 – 7 – 19 – 20 – 25
  • 10 winning codes: A 5066 6110 – G 8194 2499 – K 7785 0832 – L 3009 8787 – L 6036 9684 – M 0414 5883 – M 0830 7779 – Q 5097 1393 – T 8694 8227 – V 7040 2064

Next meeting on Wednesday, with 12 million euros at stake. Until then, free to play. everyone to try their luck… or not. Because, you're going to need some luck if you plan to get your hands on the suit. If you find, among the 10 possible options, the Chance number, know that you already have something to choose from. a chance in 10 of having the 2.20 euros of your stake refunded. As for the jackpot, you will need to reach; find THE combination of the day among the, very precisely, 19,068,840 possible combinations in the Loto draw. You will have understood, finding the Loto result is not an easy task! But, after all, he who doesn't try anything, achieves nothing.

And if this Wednesday the Française des jeux (FDJ) will already be offering games, a significant jackpot, know that this week, Friday the 13th, there will not be three, but four Loto draws which will take place. For its exceptional draw organized On Friday, the FDJ promises a minimum of 13 million euros, but also 50 winning codes allowing players to win. their owners to win 20,000 euros each. Be careful however, for this Super Loto on Friday the 13th, the grid will be sold for 3 euros. He is already there. possible to try your luck…

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