Louis Vuitton unveils dove of peace belt after Z-sign controversy


    Louis Vuitton unveils dove of peace belt after Z embellishment scandal

    The reimagined V on the buckle's monogram is one of Virgil Abloh's last greetings , creative director of Louis Vuitton, who died of cancer in November last year.

    French fashion house Louis Vuitton, which specializes in the production of luggage and bags, premium fashion clothes, perfumes and accessories, presented one of the latest creations of the late creative director Virgil Abloh: a reversible 40 mm LV Dove belt, where the buckle with the LV monogram depicts a dove of peace instead of a V.

    The belt was created for the fall-winter 2023 collection.

    Louis Vuitton unveiled a belt with a dove of peace after the Z-symbol embellishment scandal

    The dove on the buckle is placed so that its wings repeat the letter V. In its beak it holds an olive branch, a symbol of peace and innocence in many cultures. The buckles are made in gold and silver.

    Louis Vuitton unveils peace dove belt after Z embellishment scandal

    Louis Vuitton after jewelry scandal with the symbol Z introduced the belt with the dove of peace

    The belt costs $600 and is sold in brown and gray colors.

    According to the information at home, the dove of peace is not the last thing Abloh left as a legacy. His other creations will soon be presented.

    Virgil Abloh, who was responsible for the creation of the men's line of the Louis Vuitton brand, and was also the executive director and founder of the Italian brand Off-White, died at the end of November last year. The cause of his death was an aggressive form of cancer – cardiac angiosarcoma. Less than two days after the shocking news of the death of the 41-year-old designer, a commemorative show of his latest collection was held on the Miami Wharf.


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