Loves pandas and raccoons: Ruslan Senichkin showed “one of the main women” in his life

Loves pandas and raccoons: Ruslan Senichkin showed “one of the main women” in his life

The TV presenter of the morning program “Snidanok z 1 + 1”, as well as dancer, showman and author of cookbooks Ruslan Senichkin, who recently met on the balcony of the participants of the tenth broadcast “Dances with stars”, made an unexpected confession: it turns out that “another female”.


Nika's niece has been added to her mother Vera Antonovna and two sisters – Anya and Tanya, the press service of the 1 + 1 TV channel reports.

Loves pandas and raccoons: Ruslan Senichkin showed

The girl is only five years old, but she is already fond of dancing and gymnastics – she is making fantastic progress and taking part in competitions. This hobby especially intensified after Nika attended one of the broadcasts of the show “Dancing with Stars”, where Ruslan took part.

“Nika is the treasure of our whole family. Very gifted and talented. My sister Tanya and dad Nicky – Roman – give my niece the opportunity to develop in all directions. And literally everything interests her, in particular, she really likes to dance. I don’t know if it just coincided or not, but I want to think that I inspired her, ”Ruslan shared his secrets.

Nika's hobbies include cooking. According to Ruslan, the girl has been interested in cooking since childhood, helping her mother: together they make dumplings and dumplings, and also cook according to Senichkin's recipes.

According to Ruslan, his niece loves it very much when he comes to visit and calls him Uncle Panda. He always shows his success – how he can read and write. And also every time introduces him to his new toys.

Loves pandas and raccoons: Ruslan Senichkin showed

Like Ruslan, the girl adores pandas and raccoons. They even have an argument: is the panda from the family of raccoons or bears? Nika defends the raccoons, but Panda Senichkin does not give up its positions.

Earlier “FACTS” wrote that the TV presenter spoke about the circumstances that forced him to cancel the culinary section.

Photo: press service of the TV channel “1 + 1”

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