Luis Enrique communicates by 'walkie talkie' with the players in full training

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Luis Enrique communicates by ‘walkie-talkie’ with the players in full training

Before starting this Tuesday's training session in the sports city of Las Rozas, Luis Enrique met his team. with his players to inform them of a new communication system.

Each soccer player had a small speaker incorporated in the vest where the physical data is recorded in the GPS to listen directly to the coach's orders, installed on his traditional scaffolding.

And the coach, who is preparing the last official duels of Spain corresponding to the League of Nations before debuting in the World Cup in Qatar in two months, at the boot camp with another little ‘walkie talkie’ to communicate directly with the footballers. And in full session.

“You are going to hear the coach's voice here,” Luis Enrique told his players, indicating his back. “I hope I don't shout too much, but I'm not used to it”, the Asturian technician acknowledged to justify such a unique communication system.

“Dad will come out from behind here”

“I hope it doesn't get too attached and that it can be of use to you. You won't have to do anything. Dad will come out from behind here,” added the coach in a video broadcast on the social networks of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF).

And from the gym, where the previous talk took place, to the training camp. “Koke, you only have to go down and support the center-back when he needs it. If you don't stay there”, Luis Enrique commented to the Atlético de Madrid player, who was directly listening to that order.

“&Alvaro goes inside, you have to go in support”, he then advised Morata, the rojiblanco striker. “Move back, Gavi! Go back, Gavi! Go back! Go back and wait for Rodri to go to the side”, he instructed the young midfielder of the Barça. “Busi, tell the central defenders that they either circulate three or four times or we start playing back and forth and that's not what we play,” he specified, speaking on the back of Busquets , the captain of the selection.