Lukashenko once again complained to Putin

Лукашенко вновь пожаловался на Путина

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that Belarus is ready for a real integration with Russia, but without coercion.

As BelTA informs, this was stated by the President of Belarus.

“We remain, as always, committed to real integration without forcing integration (new term appeared in the Union – “coercion to integration”). And it is strange that it started with the forcing of integration of Belarus…

So definitely we, as the initiators, even with Boris Yeltsin always initiated by a real integration of our countries – Russia and Belarus economies, lives and so on. Preserving the sovereignty and independence”.

“We do not say that someone must lose sovereignty and independence. Despite all the difficulties in those times we have found solutions to complex issues. When rich, especially Russia, began a strange bustle and fuss. And, as I said, the compulsion to integration.”

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