Lula and Bolsonaro sparks in their first debate ahead of the second round

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  • For two hours, the candidates launched harsh accusations at each other in the midst of a strong climate of tension

  • It remains to be seen whether the debate changes the intention of Brazilians vote, for now in favor of Lula

Lula and Bolsonaro sparks in their first debate for the second round

As expected, President Jair Bolsonaro and Luiz InĂ¡cio Lula da Silva,the candidate of the Workers' Party (PT), sparks were drawn in the first debate ahead of the second round on October 30. “Liar”was the qualifier most used by the two contenders in front of the cameras. The discussion lasted two hours and had a predictable audience record. The latest Datafolha poll, from last Wednesday, assigns Lula a vote intention of 53%, compared to 47% for Bolsonaro. Those six points of difference could be reduced depending on the inclination of the undecided at the last moment and if, in addition, the level of abstention increases, which in the first round was around 100%. 20%.

Bolsonaro leads the way in levels of aggression during the campaign. Before coming face to face in front of Lula, he promised to put him in jail again if he wins the election. At times, more than a debate, it was of a verbal brawlat the limit of the rupture of democratic formalities. Bolsonaro arrived to touch the shoulder of his rival with a certain air of brawl. Before, he had said that Lula had been a corrupt government and that is why he wants to return to the “scene of the crime.” The retired captain refrained from calling his opponent a “thief” this time, but maintained the same line of argument by ensuring that four out of five votes in the ballot box. Prisons went in favor of Lula. He also argued that the PT and its allies are trying to turn Brazil into a new Venezuela, Colombia or Argentina. that if Lula wins, he will start a harassment of evangelical churches.  “Who will be your economy minister? Are you negotiating with any party?” like defender of religion, private property and society's right to arm itself.