Lula at the Gates of Power on Presidential Election Day in Brazil

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Lula at the gates power on this presidential election day in Brazil

The latest poll released on the eve of the first round puts ex-president Lula da Silva in a clear lead ahead of Jair Bolsonaro.

On this presidential election day in Brazil, ex-president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva could win in the first round, according to the latest poll, which gives him 14 points more than his direct opponent, the president outgoing far-right Jair Bolsonaro. However, the reaction of the latter, a supporter of Donald Trump, remains difficult to predict.

The latest poll by the benchmark institute Datafolha, released on Saturday evening, gave Lula still well ahead (48% vs. 34%) as well as 50% of valid votes vs. 36%.

The margin of error is plus or minus two percentage points. This probe was carried out with a larger sample than usual, ie 12,800 people, Friday and Saturday. Another poll, published by another institute, IPEC, gives 51% of valid votes to Lula compared to 37% to Bolsonaro in the first round on Sunday.

What tomorrow is to see if Lula will have enough support to win the presidential race in the first round, Gustavio Ribeiro, editor-in-chief of Brazilian Report, told RDI weekend. em>.

The return of a former socialist president or the re-election of a far-right leader? This is the choice facing Brazilians in the first round of presidential elections on Sunday. A campaign marked by polarization and misinformation. Not to mention a certain violence, which makes us fear the worst for national unity. Report by our correspondent in Rio de Janeiro, Jean-Michel Leprince

In Brazil, if one of the candidates has an absolute majority (50% + 1 vote), a second round does not is not necessary.

It remains to be seen whether the outgoing president, Jair Bolsonaro, will accept the verdict of the polls. Last week, the Head of State said that it would be abnormal if he did not obtain at least 60% of the votes in the first round. He also mentioned the risk of fraud without providing proof, recalling Donald Trump's public outings two years ago.

On the eve of the first round, the two candidates mobilized their troops one last time during two large rallies organized in Sao Paulo.

Incumbent Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro led his last major public rally on Saturday before the first round of the election.

Mr. Bolsonaro, 67, dressed in a black jacket and without a helmet, led a procession of motorcyclists to Ibirapuera Park, the green lung of Sao Paulo, where thousands of people awaited him. He can count on the support of rich agricultural regions and seniors.

Along the way, his supporters dressed in yellow and green waved Brazilian flags, cheered and chanted Lula, thief, your place is in jail!.

About 5 km away, almost at the same time, thousands of people, in red, marched on Paulista Avenue, emblematic artery of the economic capital of Brazil, during a victory march organized for Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.

Ex-president Lula da Silva during his last rally, Saturday in Sao Paulo

Lula waved to the crowd from the back of an open truck. Brazil, urgent, Lula president! and Jair, it's time to go!, chanted the demonstrators at the rally of the left-wing candidate, who hopes to win the presidency in the first round. President of Brazil from 2003 to 2010, Lula can count on the support of voters from poorer regions and women.

« L he economy is the most important issue in this election, and during Lula's presidency, the country enjoyed great economic prosperity, so voters are keeping that in mind.

— Gustavio Ribeiro, Brazilian Report


Brazilian Report Editorsays this is his fourth coverage of a presidential election and says he's never seen such a tense campaign.

There are bound to be some violent episodes, but it's hard to predict the magnitude, he adds.

Mr. Ribeiro does not believe in an American scenario, where Trumpist supporters stormed the Capitol in January 2021. In Brazil, we do not have organized militias like the Oath Keepers or the Proud Boys , but the potential for violence remains very high, he says.

This campaign took place under very particular conditions for security reasons: the candidates wore a vest bullet-proof and security barriers were installed during the rallies to prevent the crowd from getting too close to the stage.

Despite these tensions, the Saturday rallies continued took place without incident.

However, the handover could prove difficult in the event of a victory on Sunday for the left-wing candidate with long weeks until the election. #x27;inauguration, January 1, 2023.

Let us all vote in peace, security and harmony, with respect, freedom, awareness and responsibility. Together, all Brazilians in the great celebration of democracy, urged the president of the Superior Electoral Court, Alexandre de Moraes, on his Twitter account.

With information from Agence France-Presse

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