Lupine part 3: the Netflix series with Omar Sy is back in a trailer

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For the third part of its phenomenal series, Netflix unveils the trailer for the next trick of Lupin, its burglar played by Omar Sy.

Last year, Assane Diop came back to the fore to shut down the bad guys by stealing their stuff. While the Louis Leterrier-directed first season was a pleasant surprise, Part 2 confirmed that the Netflix series had some under the hood. Failing to surpass the surprise effect of the first part, Lupin – Part 2, although more hollow, was an honorable sequel.

Therefore, it is not surprising to see Omar Sy resume his role after two brilliant attempts where the program found itself number one on Netflix almost everywhere in the world. Thus, it was on the occasion of the Tudum – a global event dedicated to fans of the platform – that the actor put on the costume to tease the third part of his adventures.

The trailer unfolds in two stages. The first seconds show us Assane on a black background taking stock of his two seasons. After which, the Netflix logo appears and we discover exclusive images of our hero on the loose. With a beard and thick hair, Omar Sy has been transformed and the authorities are struggling to find him, according to a voice-over presenter. And indeed, we see our protagonist move in almost every shot (because he's on the run actually, the lady said so).

One ​​thing is certain,the notoriety of the burglar has gone up a notchin this new trailer. Indeed, a crowd of supporters (even demonstrators) come to populate the streets to bring their support and some even have masks with the effigy of the thief (who are they? And then who does that?). If we can see in the use of these masks that of the representation of a hero of the people, perhaps all this paraphernalia will be at the center of a plan by Assane (which is not unlike the boring La Casa de papel).

With a The ultimate response from the fan of Maurice Leblanc's novels, this teaser suggests his probable last adventure. Our new generation gentleman intends to end in style as he says so well, which is not the case with the trailer with an dispensable sketch. Let's just hope this finale (if it really is a finale) lives up to expectations. Either way, the series seems to hold together technically, at least as much as the other two.

For l he time, the platform didn't give us much more to eat. If you can't wait to see the next adventures of the only man who manages to marry the raincoat, the beret and the Air Jordans, you will have to be patient since Netflix has not yet revealed a release date.

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