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The hotels of luxury testify, here are the most surprising room service orders

In the most luxurious hotels, it is possible to order directly in your room everything you need. any time. Hoteliers from several countries have delivered. the most eccentric requests of their customers.

Hotel guests can sometimes have unusual requests when it comes to room service… Particularly in palaces and luxury hotels where there are many guests. guests know they can get everything in minutes. Everything, even very surprising dishes! Apart from the classic club sandwiches, sodas or chips, some of these requests undoubtedly made the switchboard operators or cooks smile. To get into the little secrets of these establishments, the reservation site Hotels.com has led the way. a global survey involving 473 hotels, and the results are surprising to say the least.

First of all, know that room service can be a very profitable option for a hotel establishment. The survey shows that nearly a third of travelers spend at least 85 euros per night for room service. Among the most ordered products, we find coffee. but also hamburgers, particularly in the 7 p.m. to 5 p.m. slot. 21 hours. Because you're too lazy to go to the restaurant?

So what can we say about the 10 most unusual requests for room service? The list includes some surprising products, established by this survey carried out in 473 hotels in April 2023. Here are the top 10 most surprising products, established by Hotels.com in April 2023. based on hotel responses:

1. “Light water”. Yes, it must exist but don't ask us the difference with classic water.
2. Melted ice. Perhaps there was a small dental problem behind this request?
3. Fugu, this puffer fish known for its toxicity. if the toxins contained are not carefully removed. This product, renowned for its quality, in Japanese gastronomy, requires a certain skill. to the cook. Was it for a bet or for the love of risk?
4. Boiled water, bottled. Was it to make a plate of spaghetti in the room or to avoid contamination? Mystery…
5. Fish brought to you by the customer, and cook in the kitchen. No doubt the work of an amateur fisherman…
6. Mussels and fries. Home sickness?
7. An omelette without egg white.
8. A bowl of rice… for the dog.
9. Bison. A tribute to Buffalo Bill?
10. A shakshuka, a dish composed of mainly eggs and tomatoes but with more serve this time without eggs!

For this survey, Hotels.com took a real world tour of room service. The hotels were based in France but also in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, South Korea, Japan, Norway, Sweden ;from and in Denmark. All obviously offer the option of room service. their customers.

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