Lyon: they created a platform to save marriages

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Unio Preparation offers an online course for couples who are about to get married.

Lyon: they created a platform to save marriages

Offer an online course to prepare couples for a happy marriage. This is the bet of the Lyon startup Unio Preparation which launched in November 2021 on the initiative of Lysiane Barriol and Romain Gasiglia. Lyon Femmes highlighted this young shoot which offers a promising concept.

Lysiane Barriol told the genesis of this project: “ I had a lot of weddings around me for a few years; the majority being Catholic marriages. Other friends, who were getting married secularly, were frustrated at not having any support at all to tackle the themes of life together as is the case for a Catholic marriage 

She adds: “During the trip we thought why not try to transform this idea and this observation into real service. We worked on it during our whole world tour ! » The couple therefore decided to launch an online platform that puts this great idea into practice.

A thematic journey to best prepare for life as a couple

Concretely, a program of seven guided sessions, online, is therefore offered to participants for 380 euros. The topics covered are varied. Here is the list: your individual and common paths, your commitment, your communication, your difficulties, your sexuality, your desire (or not) to start a family, your life projects.

Users thus have access to a topo on a specific topic to read or listen to, lasting about twenty minutes. A reflection quiz to be completed individually is also proposed, in order to go into more depth on the chosen subject.

Finally, a discussion, a time for discussion in pairs based on your answers to the individual parts, and exercises to be done together are planned. If a theme interests you more particularly, a list of books, podcasts, films, but also activity ideas is provided to deepen. Unio Preparation explains: “For each of these themes, our approach is very concrete, with examples of life situations that each couple is brought to live. “

< p>“ The idea is to finish the program independently and for the couple to think that they have not left out any big issues and that there are no more gray areas< /em> ”, explains Lysiane Barriol to our colleagues. And if the participants were not convinced by the experience, it's simple: the startup promises to reimburse you in full. All you have to do is send an explanatory email and you're done.

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