“M1 Music Awards. P’yat”: all details and winners (photos)

«М1 Music Awards. П'ять»: все подробности и победители  (фото)

In the Kiev Palace of sports November 30, held a Grand ceremony of awarding the jubilee music award “M1 Music Awards. P’yat” gathered on the red carpet and on stage the brightest stars of Ukrainian show-business. Before the ceremony, the artists showed their bright outfits and did not hide their excitement, waiting for the announcement of the winners. This year competed in ten major nominations (winners in the technical categories announced earlier).

On a huge high-tech stage, on which artists that appeared out of the ground, then descended from the ceiling, the stars presented a bright room. Complex technical room, first performed Oleg Vinnik.

Sergey Babkin recreated “interstellar” on stage M1 Music Awards. He managed this by using bodiment camera, which weighs about 10 pounds! It was created especially for this event. Preparation and production of this device took more than two months! The image from the camera was simultaneously broadcast on all the paintings and screens of the Palace of sports. The audience became space behind the artist is creating this effect with the help of their phones.

«М1 Music Awards. П'ять»: все подробности и победители  (фото)

The winners of the evening were MONATIK, “Time and Glass” and Nastya Kamensky, receiving the highest number of awards.

MONATIK, who had just returned from a tour in the USA, received the award in the nomination “singer of the year”. He walked around people’s favorite Oleg Vinnik. His video for “everytime” as the best, and hit the Love It the Rhythm won in the nomination “Dance Parade” together with radio station “KISS FM”.

Nastya Kamensky/NK, which for a year has provided a few hits and conquered Latin America, the second consecutive year won in the nomination “singer of the year”. On the red carpet she appeared in a glamorous black Panther.

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Upon receiving the award, she did not hold back emotions — jumped on the husband Potap and began passionately kissing him. On stage Nastya said touching speech with words of gratitude.

“I can’t believe my ears! Thanks, universe, thanks to my best husband in the world, parents and my team! I am proud to represent our country overseas. Thank you for appreciated my work”, — said Kamensky.

Anastasia also received a special award “Chervona Ruta” in conjunction with radio station “Russian Radio Ukraine” for the song “Obsahu”, which Kamensky for the first time publicly declared his love Potapov. By the way, for a reward on the stage stood he.

“This song is incredible, because it is dedicated to a special celebration”, — addressed the audience Potap.

The Treasury of his award-winning joined the popular group “Time and Glass”. Positive and Nadja Dorofeeva again named “Band of the year”.

«М1 Music Awards. П'ять»: все подробности и победители  (фото)

“Thank you! We are really trying and I want to thank the fans! Your love gives rise to such beautiful songs”, — said from the scene Positive.
Also, the song “Dim” is named “Hit of the year”.

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Singer MELOVIN with the song “Ti” named “Breakthrough of the year”.

“I thought, drank a half glass of whiskey, because I never thought I’d be there. I am grateful to all who stand with me in this list, I am grateful to you, malaventura. I love my parents and always say that we don’t forget. I would really like to have this moment seen even one person who sits high in heaven, my grandmother. Once she told me that I would be a great artist. I want to dedicate this award it to her”, — he said with tears in her eyes MELOVIN.

Ukrainian rock romance “БЕZ you like” with the song “Tor of sapalli” won in the category “Rock. Just Rock!”.

“I’m absolutely shocked, it’s hard for me to talk to you. But still, rock-n-roll soul of our people. I’m sure not the Americans, and the Ukrainians came up with this kind of music somewhere in the Zaporizhzhya Sich. Friends, I am grateful to everyone who involved in this event. I also want to remind those people that give us the peaceful sky over your head — we have a war! They give us the most valuable thing they have — their lives. Thanks to them we have the opportunity to live in a peaceful Ukraine!” — said Sergey Canines, the frontman of “БЕZ you like”.

Singer Tina Karol, who spoke music producer award, received the award “Golden gramophone” together with radio station “Russian Radio Ukraine” for the song “hight Power”.

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Special award for the development of the music national music industry got Danilko.

Earlier, the captain told that they are Nasty married more than once.

Also, “FAKTY” wrote that the Ukrainian star has received a special award from the program “Sravi way”.

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