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M6+ already scores points in streaming (thanks to a huge springboard)

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As you probably already know, M6 has just launched a new streaming platform. Called M6+, the service distributed in the form of an Android and iPhone application has exceeded million downloads. Enough to boost traffic for M6 Play applications that are still active – before their mandatory update to M6+.

Including: as explained by Henri de Fontaines, architect of the group's strategy, the first objective – grow the mass of users – is already reached. And that comes with other good news: viewing time is up 55% compared to M6 Play. And in total, the transition to the new application increases the daily number of active users to 2 million (+20%).

M6+ brings a smile to the group's head of strategy

In just one month, the new platform resulted in revenues up 41%compared to May 2023. However, these successes do not owe much to chance. Firstly because the application follows M6 Play. Users can still use the old application for a few weeks, but they will have to switch to the new platform shortly.

Furthermore, the M6 ​​group can count on Orange, Free, Sfr and Bouygues who put the application prominently in their player. Logically M6+ should therefore continue sustained growth in the immediate future. The platform also has a rather young audience, with an average age of around 40 years.

And the ambitions are there : while the platform already has 10,000 hours of exclusives(composed of programs from the group's channels), M6 intends to go first. It is a question of investing in cross-disciplinary programs as well as original creations. A strategy which should make it possible to double the current number of hours consumed within 4 years, to increase it to 1 billion.

And above all keep the group in the race while linear television is experiencing an erosion and aging of its audience year after year. In recent years, after chaotic beginnings to say the least, particularly around the question of a replay fee, the PAF television groups have all sought to position themselves on streaming. With more or less success.

It will therefore be necessary to confirm over time the very positive trend that seems to be emerging for the M6+ platform.

    < li>M6 is already announcing excellent results for its brand new M6+ streaming platform.
  • A success due in large part to its affiliation with M6 Play , but also a particularly effective distribution strategy.
  • Maintaining this strong growth over time, however, risks being more complex.

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