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Ghoulish inspiration for the killers mass of London and Quebec | London attack: trial of the accused

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Fresh flowers have been laid at the scene of the attack and today at the London Attack Memorial.

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The similarities between the ram truck attack on a Muslim family in London and the attack on the Grand Mosque in Quebec deserve to be analyzed, believes sociology doctoral student Sophie Marois.

She was present in Ontario Superior Court in Windsor throughout Nathaniel Veltman's trial.

She also belongs to the citizen committee January 29 I remember in solidarity with the victims of the attack on the Grand Mosque of Quebec.

The attacks themselves same are ideologically linked but we also discovered through the legal process that the authors are inspired by each other, notes Sophie Marois. She describes these similarities as disturbing.

According to her, it is important to forge links between the two cities.

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A prayer is given a few hours before the start of the commemoration ceremonies for the attack on the great mosque of Quebec on January 29, 2023. (Archive photo)

London attack: trial of the accused

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London attack: trial of the accused

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In her role with the Quebec citizens' committee, she helped establish its relationships, notably by inviting people from London to the annual commemorations.

It helps a little in the healing process to know this solidarity.

A quote from Sophie Marois, doctoral student in sociology

Associate professor of emergency management Jack L. Rozdlisky of York University also traveled to Windsor to attend portions of the trial.

According to him, the procedures will dictate the way in which violent crimes linked to extremist ideologies will be treated by the justice system.

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Associate Professor Jack L. Rozdilsky followed some of the procedures at Windor.

He also hopes that the verdict and a possible terrorist designation of the murderer could help to discourage other people from committing acts of violence. p>

The guilty verdict pronounced by the jurors does not make it possible to determine, within the meaning of the law, whether the action was considered an act of terrorism.

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The judge explained to them that if the accused had planned the actions and deliberately committed the murders or if he had carried them out with the aim of spreading terror, a single finding without a reasonable doubt was sufficient for a verdict of murder. premeditated.

The legal path taken by jurors in their deliberations is confidential.

The judge could, however, draw this conclusion from the examination of the facts during the sentencing hearings.

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