Maciej from “Marriage at first sight” was honest. His confession infuriated Internet users. What was it about

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Fans of “Wedding at first sight” did not leave a dry thread on Maciej.

Maciej from

How gives the “Pomponik” portal, the final of the next edition of the “Married at First Sight” program is behind us. A lot of emotions awaited fans of the format, especially in the context of Marta and Maciej. Internet users strongly commented on the behavior of the participant. What made them so angry?

Internet users criticize Maciej. Is it right?

Fans of the controversial program “Marriage at first sight” did not like Maciej's behavior. The participant admitted that he fell in love, although unfortunately the chosen one of his heart did not turn out to be Marta, assigned to him by experts. Not only that, Maciej was supposed to fall in love even before taking part in the format.

In a fit of honesty, Maciej added that he initially fell in love without reciprocity. His chosen one was not interested in him, which she made clear to him. Hence the decision to take part in the project. After the end of the program, the woman's feelings towards Maciej were to change.

“(…) she realized that she lied to herself, deceived her feelings. You have to fight for love. I am infatuated, but with a distance. I have a lot of free time and now I devote it to building relationships Patrycja” – said Maciej in an interview with an expert.

The network was in an uproar

Maciej's behavior met with a sharp reaction from Internet users, who emphasized that he behaved very dishonestly towards his wife. Their relationship was doomed from the beginning, because Maciek was in love with someone else from the beginning.

One of the commenters said that this may have resulted in Maciek's negative attitude towards Marta. “He kept the image of that woman in his mind and compared everything about Marta to her,” she wrote. Another of the commenters stressed that in this situation, she really felt sorry for Marta.

And you, what do you think about Maciek's behavior?

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