Maciej is known from television. After what he said about the changes in the world, he was accused of earnings. How much is charged for the visit


The soothsayer Maciej is known to those who watched his live broadcasts on television late at night.

 Friar Maciej is known from television. After what he said about changes in the world, he was accused of earnings. counts for a visit.Although recently described in the media, he has become a kind of celebrity, he does not feel like him and does not want to be one for any treasures. He is well aware of the fact that he is recognizable, which does not quite suit him on a daily basis. </p>
<h2> Friar Maciej gets a lot of money for the consultation, and yet there are plenty of people in the queue for him </h2>
<p> Recently, tabloids have spread the news that Wr & oacute; Friar Maciej gave people about the future ahead of mankind. He gave his prophecy, or rather a warning, by analyzing the astrological and alchemical aspects. </p>
<p>As he admitted in one of the interviews, he regrets very much the fact that astrology has been removed from the university's list because it is pure science and there is only one interpretation of what astrology shows us. It is therefore impossible to maneuver in interpretations, as can be the case with tarot. It is similar with numerology, on which Maciej also bases his messages. </p>
<p>He recently described the sequences of planets and systems, pointed to the changes taking place in us and in the world, and described in detail what it means for us. These were disturbing information for those who entrusted their health and life and their relatives to politicians and party decision-makers, while for those who were aware and prepared for change, it was only news that would stick to their role in the universe. </p>
<p>Now, Super Express has decided to calculate the rates for the man, which he charges for individual meetings, “treatments” and returns. As it turns out, many years of experience and constantly returning customers allowed him to set quite high amounts, in the range of PLN 250 for 15 minutes of consultations, and PLN 1500 for an hour of talks if there is no waiting for a distant date. </P > </p>
<p> Exactly … Dates Wr & oacute; ż Maciej has a distant future, which is why we can afford such draconian stakes. He must be really good at his job and be able to help in a real way, since people keep banging on him with doors and windows. </p>
<p> [quote author = “”] […] I need to actually get some rest, because honestly speaking, I have a lot of work lately. Consulting with private clients, conducting esoteric courses, writing a third book, working on radio and television, and a good number of esoteric articles that I am serving you here! In the near future, I am also waiting for new professional projects, about which I cannot talk about yet, because I am bound by confidentiality. – wrote in his last post before a well-deserved vacation. </p></p>

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