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macOS Sonoma is available: the 5 new features that will change your Mac< /p> © Apple

Which Macs are compatible with macOS Sonoma?

Like every year, Mac users wonder if their precious one will receive the latest macOS update. If you have one of the following models, then you will receive macOS Sonoma:

  • iMac 2019 and newer
  • iMac Pro 2017 and newer
  • MacBook Air 2018 and newer
  • MacBook Pro 2018 and newer
  • Mac Pro 2019 and newer
  • Mac Studio 2022 and newer models newer
  • Mac mini 2018 and newer models

Note that for obvious power reasons, some models will not be able to take advantage of all the new features, with certain features being reserved for Macs equipped with Apple Silicone chips.

Widgets and screen saver


macOS Sonoma is available: the 5 new features that will change your Mac

© Apple

This is undoubtedly the most important new feature of MacOS Sonoma. In any case, it is the most visible. Apple brings the Mac, iPad and iPhone a little closer by integrating widgets.

In order to standardize its ecosystem, Apple integrates exactly the same widgets as on iPhone or iPad, so as not to lose the user. As on other devices, widgets are interactive. You can therefore add reminders, access your calendar or enter a note from the widget.

Personalizing your Mac doesn't stop there since macOS Sonoma includes new screensavers straight from Apple TV (for some). These screensavers are short slow motion videos showing us magnificent landscapes from around the world, including American natural parks.

Please note, these screensavers are not recommended on portable machines such as MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, for obvious reasons of excess energy consumption. But if you have fixed machines (iMac, Mac Studio, Mac Pro), then why not?

Interactive Visio

macOS Sonoma is available: the 5 new features that will change your Mac

© Apple

Although teleworking has lost popularity in some companies, it is undeniable that videoconferencing remains a preferred means of communication in many sectors. To support its users, Apple has therefore improved the video experience on macOS Sonoma.

If certain new features are gimmicky (who wants fireworks in the background when they put two thumbs up?), the possibility to display a presentation behind you makes the video exercise more interactive and more interesting.

PDF, Pages and Notes

macOS Sonoma is available: the 5 new features that will change your Mac

© Apple

Always on the productivity side, macOS Sonoma now allows to associate PDFs with the Notes application. It is now possible to view PDFs from then the Notes application and, above all, to fill them out very easily.

If these are contact fields to fill out, macOS Sonoma can even automatically add the information retrieved in the Contacts.

Finally, Notes is now linked to Pages. You can therefore start taking notes in the Notes application then send the content to Pages to complete and put on page.

Please note, this new feature will only be available from the end of the year.

Safari gets even better

macOS Sonoma is available: the 5 new features that will change your Mac

© Apple

As with every new major update, Apple improves its Safari browser. Like Arc, the Safari version for macOS Sonoma now allows you to choose browsing profiles (e.g. work, multimedia, gaming, video etc.). The idea is obviously to benefit from clearer navigation by focusing on the tabs necessary for each use.

More good news: Safari allows the creation of applications from a page web. For example, there is no Instagram application for Mac but it is possible to view the site from Safari. In one click, it is possible to create a shortcut to the site which will take the form of an application.

Other more discreet new features are also on the program, including password sharing, improved private browsing and the more visual display of quick searches.

Game Mode

macOS Sonoma is available: the 5 new features that will change your Mac

© Apple

We know that Macs are not machines designed for gaming. But over the years, and with the power of Apple Silicone chips, the American has won over publishers. Proof if any were needed, the iPhone 15 Pro will host real AAA games this year.

macOS Sonoma therefore inaugurates the very first Game Mode (Game mode in French) on Mac. The principle is the same as on smartphones: CPU and GPU performance is allocated as a priority to the game, abandoning background tasks.

At the same time, Game mode boosts performance. connectivity by reducing latency with wireless accessories like headsets, earbuds and, most importantly, controllers.

macOS Sonoma is available: the 5 new features that will change your Mac

© Apple

Here are the main new features of macOS Sonoma. Of course, there are many others, which you will undoubtedly appreciate over time. With each new version of macOS, hundreds of improvements transform your Mac.

So, what new features do you prefer?

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