Macron acknowledged the NATO membership of Finland and Sweden


French President Emmanuel Macron has signed the French ratification protocol regarding the NATO membership of Finland and Sweden.

Macron acknowledged Finland and Sweden NATO membership

On Sunday, August 14, French President Emmanuel Macron signed the ratification protocol regarding Finland and Sweden's NATO membership. [email protected] at 9:38

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The French Parliament's blessing for Finland and Sweden's NATO membership at the beginning of August was finalized on Sunday, when the country's president Emmanuel Macron signed the ratification protocol. p>

- This sovereign choice of two European partners - Finland and Sweden - strengthens their security in the face of threats in their neighboring regions, and taking into account the capabilities of the countries, the choice contributes significantly to European collective security, Macron stated, according to the French BFM TV channel.

The French National Assembly voted in favor of ratification on August 2 with 209 votes for and 46 against.

Ratification has yet to be done in the seven current NATO member states. The greatest concern has been caused by Turkey's opposition to the membership of Finland and Sweden.

The accession of Finland and Sweden to NATO requires the approval of ratification protocols in all 30 current NATO countries.

Also the President of the United States, Joe Biden. confirmed the NATO ratification of Finland and Sweden earlier this week. CNN President Niinistö published a cool “action video” of his call with Biden and Andersson on August 13. 17:23 Joe Biden comments on NATO ratification on Twitter: “Finland and Sweden make NATO stronger” 10.8. 8:59 The United States ratifies the NATO membership of Finland and Sweden 4 August 2022 10:26


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