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Macron tackles the attack

Emmanuel Macron inaugurated this Monday, October 30, 2023, the Cité international level of the French language. In his speech, the president indulged in a diatribe against inclusive writing.

"In this language, the masculine makes the neuter. We don't need to add periods in the middle of words, or hyphens or things to make it visible, “just let it go.” Emmanuel Macron Monday October 30, 2023 in his speech to inaugurate the Citéé international level of the French language. A review of barely veiled notion of inclusive writing, the use of which has been regularly debated in recent years, with some judging that it allows for better inclusion women and non-gendered people, others denouncing poorly readable writing which makes it difficult to read for people who already have a certain level of knowledge. written language disorders, such as dyslexia or dysorthography.

While senators were due to consider at the end of the day a bill aimed in particular at ban certain elements of inclusive writing, such as the word "iel" (contraction of masculine and feminine personal pronouns “he” and “she”), Emmanuel Macron called for à "keeping the foundations" and at "not giving in to the spirit of the times". Words from the head of state widely applauded by his audience, but, unsurprisingly, little appreciated by feminists. Critics quickly poured in. on the social network X (formerly Twitter).

"The French language is alive, constantly evolving"< /h2>

Among the feminists standing up against Emmanuel Macron's remarks, the ecologist Sandrine Rousseau, who was content to comment on Emmanuel Macron's speech in these terms: "Everything is crazy in this speech…" For her part, the Paris advisor and spokesperson for EELV, Aminata Niakate, pointed out that the fact that “the French language is alive, constantly evolving. This is his wealth. Believing that "inclusive writing is one of its realities, whatever it may be," “some” she invited detractors of inclusive writing at the same time re-read the precious guide of the High Council equality.

A document to which feminist activist Marylie Breuil also referred. "A year ago, the High Council equality released V2 of its guide to inclusive writing. If you had read it, you would know that the sexism of the French language is to be blamed. the basis of all stereotypes, and therefore inequalities, and contributes to the massive invisibilization of women,” she highlighted. President of HES LGBTI+, Sophie Roque declared: on the social network That the Senate wishes to legislate against inclusive writing and that the President of the Republic has the same arguments says a lot about the too well-anchored mechanisms of patriarchy”. Finally, Paris advisor Raphaëlle Rémy-Leleu insisted on this. recall what inclusive writing is, according to her, know: "An obvious fact, a societal project, a daily practice of equality, a militant, artistic, intellectual, political impulse."

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