Maddy Burciaga pregnant: these pictures of her baby bump make internet users crack


Pregnant Maddy Burciaga: these photos of her baby bump are cracking up on internet users

On June 12, 2022, Maddy Burciaga has posted new pictures of her baby bump that have both cracked up and laughed at internet users.

Maddy Burciaga loves being pregnant and it shows! On Instagram, the reality TV candidate never misses an opportunity to post pictures of her baby bump. On June 12, 2022, that's what she did after improvising a little photo shoot in Mykonos, Greece. Installed on a shaded terrace with a pretty white one-piece swimsuit, the young woman loved to highlight her rounded belly before probably diving into the pool. “I am entering my 6th month of pregnancy today and I am in better shape than ever,” she announced in the caption. At the start of the school year, her little boy should point the tip of his nose.

In the comments, Internet users, who were numerous to crack, reacted and also laughed a lotby discovering the farce of Benjamin Samat, who had fun copying his darling Maddy Burciaga. “You are more beautiful than ever, pregnancy suits you so well”, “Beautiful. And super funny at the end I love it. A good nod to the haters ahah top bravo “, “Lol I did not expect that at the end”, “Excellent”, < em>“Anwww it goes by quickly, can't wait to see the little one”, “So beautiful”, “Beautiful mom-to-be”, “Even being pregnant you're a bomb”, “I don't think anyone was expecting the 3rd photo. »

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Maddy and Benjamin are enjoying the Greek sun with their friends, Flo André, Stéphanie Durant and Théo Soggiu as well as Jessica Thivenin and Thibault Garcia. Together, they do the four hundred blows. On June 13, 2022, it’s in a festive atmosphere that they all dined at the restaurant. Taken by the music, they ended up getting on the tables and chairs to dance. Of course, everyone will have wonderful memories of this dream vacation, which allows them to breathe a little and above all to find themselves, without the need for cameras.