Maeva Ghennam reveals her buttocks in a swimsuit, Internet users are shocked


Maeva Ghennam reveals her buttocks in a swimsuit, Internet users are shocked

Maeva Ghennam panics again on the web ! The sulphurous candidate from Marseille has published a new photo on her Instagram account and this one has not gone unnoticed…

The pretty brunette is talking about her! On June 1, Greg Yega's ex was already reacting to his fans with his very surprising remarks. Indeed, Maeva Ghennam confided on Snapchat on her wish to radically change her behavior. “Don't worry, you'll find Maeva funny, sparkling, not bling bling or who only shows her money, because it's useless (…) Not the Maeva of now completely withdrawn and unhappy, sad and not active. », she declared.

Amazing words for her community which had become accustomed to following the luxurious lifestyle of the young woman on social networks. Maeva Ghennam detailed her need to take a step back on Snapchat: “The Maeva that I was disgusts me. I had lost myself, I had passed away, I only showed luxury stuff when it's not me, I'm basically a simple person, who likes simplicity, who prefers to have fun ride a scooter instead of going to a fancy restaurant. I swear to you, I had lost myself, but thanks to you, to your alarm bell, I am beginning to find myself and be happy again. »

Maeva Ghennam's outfit calls out on Instagram

Maeva Ghennam has, once again, surprised her community! The young woman likes to reveal certain attractions of her physique on Instagram. Tight dresses, plunging necklines, shimmering colors, colorful bikinis… the outfits of the pretty brunette often cause a lot of reaction. And yet, on June 11, she shared a new snapshot in a bikini on Instagram. And it generated a lot of comments. Her community reacted in particular to the orange tanga worn by the beautiful brunette: a garment that reveals a part of her body which she talks about a lot in the episodes of the Marseillais: her buttocks. Their particularity? They went through cosmetic surgery! This photo also made rapper Booba react on Twitter. He shared the photo of Maeva Ghennam with this tweet: “Instead of redoing your ass, you should redo your artificial heart” Is it a tackle to the young woman or lyrics taken of an upcoming song by the artist? Only time will tell