Magda Gessler has abused the filters. Internet users did not leave a dry thread on it


It often happens that we want to deceive reality too much …

 Magda Gessler abused the filter. Internet users did not leave a dry thread on it

What the famous restaurateur Magda Gessler looks like, everyone knows however, it is sometimes difficult to recognize it in photos.

Magda Gessler in the heat of criticism. Did she go too far with photoshop?

Post from Magda Gessler (@magdagessler_official)

When we look at her Instagram profile, we can often see her photos and videos, for which she is without styling, which gives her such a familiar look. Without underlined eyes and lips, and a melted storm of curls, it's hard to recognize a celebrity, but it doesn't raise much controversy on the web.

Post from Magda Gessler (@magdagessler_official)

However, it sometimes happens that the photos published by the celebrity are too abundantly dotted with filters and corrections, which immediately catches the eye and leaves a lot of disgust in the comments. This is what happened in the case of the latest publication by the restaurateur who decided to inform people about the upcoming issue of the latest episode of the culinary program “Kitchen Revolutions”, which Magda Gessler is the hostess.

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Post shared by Magda Gessler (@magdagessler_official)

Although it turned out beautifully against the background of the graphics with time, Internet users mixed the celebrity with mud pointing out painfully abuse of photoshop and the filter. Her patterned and multicolored creation did not distract the public's attention from too changed face.

Fans visiting the restaurateur's profile mercilessly pointed out her excess filter. . He does not understand why such a scam./Filters do miracles 😂🔥👏/Who is this? Magda doesn't look like that 😮 – it appears in the comments.


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