Magdalena Stępień and Jakub Rzeźniczak in mourning. They published sad news


The media spread very sad news about the son of Magdalena Stępień and Jakub Rzezniczak.

Magdalena Stępień and Jakub Rzeźniczak in mourning. They published sad news

As Super Express reports, one-year-old Oliwier, who was treated in Israel, lost a long battle with a serious illness. Unfortunately, treatment in the Holy Land did not save the boy's life.

One-year-old Oliver is dead. Desperate parents ask for prayer

Magdalena Stępień, wanting to save the life of her son Oliwier, stood on her head to raise funds for draconian treatment in Israel. Jakub Rzezniczak was also active in this case at the time. Although there was no time to waste, the media continued to report on the conflict between Oliir's parents, who broke up some time earlier.

The April news released by the model was not optimistic. As she revealed, her son developed chews, which significantly worsened the child's results.

On the Instagram profile of the mourning parent of the deceased Oliwier there was information that their son Oliwier lost the fight with a malignant liver cancer after many months of treatment in Israel.

376 days of Oliier's life. The next one won't be …

Post provided by Jakub Rzezniczak (@ jakubrzezniczak25)

The former couple appealed to the media to respect their mourning and to pray. They also informed about the date and place of their son's funeral services. Just 11 days earlier, Oliwier had his first birthday.

The post on Instagram is heartbreakingly sad, and in the comments section there was a lot of sympathy and condolences.

< em>Unfortunately, Oliwierk's disease spread quickly and took our Angel here in the Holy Land, in Israel. We feel unimaginable b & oacute; l, but also enormous gratitude for each day of his life. There were exactly 376 days these days. The funeral mass and Oliwierek's last farewell will be held in the chapel at the cemetery at ul. Wojska Polskiego 59A in Oleśnica, August 1 (Monday) at 2 p.m. We invite all those who want to pray with us R & oacute; the Holy Father from 13:40 to the chapel. […] – we read in the notification posted on social media.

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