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Main threatened with a knife: the 15-year-old schoolboy in pre-trial detention

Âgé aged 15, the teenager having threatened the principal of a college Chenôve (Côte-d’Or) wasé indicted this Sunday, March 17, announced the Dijon public prosecutor's office.

15-year-old student arrested Friday after threatening The principal of a middle school in the suburbs of Dijon was murdered with a knife. indicted for attempted intentional homicide on a teacher, person charged with a public service mission, violence with a weapon, in a school establishment and on persons charged with carrying out a public service mission, intentional violence with a weapon in a school establishment and against people entrusted with a public service mission, threats of crimes or offenses against persons against teachers or members of staff working in educational establishments, intrusion into a school establishment with a weapon; , and placed in pre-trial detention, explained the  Prosecutor of the Republic   Dijon, Olivier Caracotch. In other words, for the sake of completeness, of the alleged offenses. 

The teenager took it upon himself the principal of the Douard-Herriot college in Chenôve (Côte-d'Or) in which he attends, Friday March 15 early in the afternoon. As reported by The Public Good, the student had just been excluded from one of his classes when' #39;he was received in the office of the head of the establishment. It's & at that moment that he gave her a letter in which mention was made of a “hostage-taking” in reference to the attacks of November 2015 occurred à Paris", reports BFMTV, before threatening his interlocutor with death à using a kitchen knife.

Temporarily excluded before winter break

During his interview with investigators, the young man, who did not contest the facts with which he is accused, gave two completely different explanations to justify his actions. Firstly, the college student explained what happened. to investigators having wanted "revenge" of the principal of the establishment "by planting it, then was delighted", explained" Olivier Caracotch. “Crashing a teacher was too serious,” he explained. during his hearing. Described as a difficult student, he had been taught temporarily excluded from the establishment before the winter holidays after an incident with his English teacher and principal of his college.

It's only''à the end of his custody &agrav; view that the teenager provided a second version to investigators. Thus, according to the prosecutor"s statements, "the'éstudent explainedé have been é recruited by acquaintances to kill her principal within her college, her, and three members of the éeducational" team. Remuneration after the realization of the facts would thus have been available to him. promised. However, Olivier Caracotch believes that in view of the investigation carried out, no "éobjective element" does not allow us to corroborate this version, which could simply be linked to a desire to for the student to "give themselves importance" due to the media coverage of this affair.

Teilor Stone

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