Major changes in retirement age are ahead. Not all Poles will have reasons to be satisfied


What changes in the retirement age do we need to prepare for?

 There are serious changes in the retirement age. Not all Poles will have reasons to be satisfied

According to the” Spiders Web “portal, although an effective retirement age should grow, we continue to observe its systematic decline. Meanwhile, in the last quarter of 2024, the government will have to present to the European Commission the effective solutions that have been implemented to improve this situation. Prime Minister Morawiecki already argues that this solution is the introduction of zero PIT for working seniors.

Higher effective retirement age

Poland has committed to increasing the effective retirement age by 2024. Law and Justice politicians argue that they do not intend to raise the statutory retirement age now or in the future. Currently, the retirement age is 60 for women and 65 for men.

However, the question of meeting the obligations towards the European Commission remains. This is because such a provision was among the milestones that we must meet in order to receive billions from the European Union. PiS politicians assure Poles that they do not have to worry about raising the age, because they will not decide to take this step.

They also add that the retirement age and the effective retirement age are two r & oacute; other things. Some observers point out that the politicians of the ruling camp hope that the problem will be solved, in a way, without their participation. Many Poles are already deciding to work longer in order to be able to secure higher benefits.

Many Poles understand that they have to work longer in order not to have to worry about low retirement benefits. Each additional year worked increases the amount of the pension from 10 to even 15 percent. Staying professionally active for 6 years after reaching the statutory retirement age can earn you twice as much benefit.

What do you think of the whole thing?


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